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Tabnak , Regime website, in a posting that was promptly removed in a matter of hours disclosed that the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is the principal vendor of anti-filtering programs in Iran and earns enormous money doing so.

Iranian regime’s Majlis representative from the city Yazd(central Iran), referring to the issues stated in the EU resolution on Iran, which was passed in the European Parliament Foreign Relations Committee, said: “These resolutions are more political and are interference in the internal issues of other countries, therefore have no legal value”. Mashreq Website, 4 April 2014

On Thursday, April 3rd, the European Parliament in an official session passed the European Union Strategy Resolution on Iran. The European Parliament reminds,  in Iran “the presidential elections were not held according to the democratic standards valued by the EU.”

Manchester Evening News- A student who went to visit family in Iran has been locked up for five months over comments she made to friends on Facebook, her family say.Roya Saberi Negad Nobakht, from Stockport, was arrested as she stepped off a plane in the provincial city of Shiraz and accused of being a spy, husband Daryoush Taghipoor told the M.E.N.

Commission of Iranian regime’s Parliament: In the 4000 files of thievery and embezzlement we did not see appropriate to announce those who are affiliated with the government.According to the Chair of the Commission of Principle 90 (this commission looks into charges brought against government officials) of regime’s Parliament, in the Persian year of 2013-2014, this commission had around 4000 cases of breaches, embezzlements and thievery that were forwarded to this commission. Amongst them the most important were the import of luxury vehicles, breaches and bribery in football, confiscation of land, monopolies and smuggling. The commission is following up these cases.

Regime’s official news agency IRNA reported on March 25 that referring to the statements by Vali-e faqih Khamenei on March 20 to call the current year a year with Jihadi management, Mohammad Bagherzadeh, Commander of the Committee to Search for the Bodies of the Death of the War with Iraq, said: “While the armed forces play a great part in building the culture and are on the frontline of culture, we have no representative of these forces in the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. Therefore, we are requesting that Mr. Jazaeri, Deputy in the Basij Affairs of the Revolutionary Guards, participates in the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution.”

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