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Letter Written in Prison by 10 Political prisoners: Mullahs Ruling Iran have Imposed Harsh Dictatorship in Name of Religion

Long live the great Iranian nation,
The 1979 revolution was meant to achieve freedom, independence, justice and progress. However, from its very onset, it deviated from these goals in favor of an Islamic Republic. The mullahs ruling Iran used religion and the system of Velayat-e faqih to impose violent tyrannical rule. In the past 35 years, destruction, poverty, corruption, billion dollar embezzlements, addiction, and divorce have been rampant in Iran. The mullahs’ rule supports fundamentalism, suppression, executions and torture of the Iranian people. The situation has reached a tipping point with the poverty, unemployment, censorship, undue inquisition, and further systematic violation of human rights and all social and educational foundations; we are witnessing extreme damage to our moral values.

In the realm of foreign policy, Iran has meddled in the affairs of the countries in the region, especially Syria; albeit that the Syrian nation does make a distinction between the mullahs’ meddling and the Iranian nation.

The policy of suppression and terrorism through execution and detention of dissidents and freedom-lovers and even lawyers is ongoing. We also witness all types of discriminations; be it gender-based, ethnic or class related or political. Meanwhile, the ruling clique bought on international sanctions with their nuclear program, and this has led to extreme poverty across Iran.

In such circumstances, there is no solution but solidarity of all freedom-lovers who crave a democratic government. There must be a separation of the mosque and the state and other progressive principles adopted from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Given that the prisoners of conscience are condemned in illegal courts by illegal judges in unjust trials while deprived of a legitimate defense, the unconditional freedom of these prisoners is a humanitarian necessity.

In this regard, saying NO to executions is a national demand.

Rajaishahr Prison in Karaj nearTehran

February 2014

1. Mohammad Amirkhizi 2. Rasoul Badaghi 3. Hamidreza Borhani 4. Khaled Hardani 5. Shahrokh Zamani 6. Mohammad Saifzadeh 7. Heshmatollah Tabarzadadi 8. Saleh Kohandel 9. Firouz Mansour 10. Naseh Yousefi