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Commission of Iranian regime’s Parliament: In the 4000 files of thievery and embezzlement we did not see appropriate to announce those who are affiliated with the government.According to the Chair of the Commission of Principle 90 (this commission looks into charges brought against government officials) of regime’s Parliament, in the Persian year of 2013-2014, this commission had around 4000 cases of breaches, embezzlements and thievery that were forwarded to this commission. Amongst them the most important were the import of luxury vehicles, breaches and bribery in football, confiscation of land, monopolies and smuggling. The commission is following up these cases.

The state-run Nameh News Website reported, “Mohammadali Mokhtarpour, Chair of the Commission of Principle 90 of regime’s Parliament  said in an interview that in the implementation of the law of subsidies, the government is obliged to correct the prices of energy products such as gas and kerosene and here we have a five billion dollar breach.”

According to Nameh News, one of the commissions of Parliament that had been very active in the past Persian year was the Commission of Principle 90 that has been busy with many cases with their many sidelines.

However, in the last days of the year the report by this commission on import of luxury cars was read out in the Parliament plenary session but the report refrained from mentioning the names of influential people. Mokhtarpour commented on this matter and said that “the issue was discussed in the commission but we thought it would be unwise to present the names and among them are those affiliated with the government.”


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