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Petroleum Minister: Every year 9 billion cubic meters of gas is lost in Iran

The Petroleum Minister of Mullah Rouhani’s cabinet mentioned that every year nine billion cubic meters of gas (equivalent to the gas exported to Turkey in one year) is lost and he further stated that currently there is this amount of gas lost in the network.  

According to the report of state-run Mehr News Agency on April 14, despite huge embezzlements in Iran, particularly in the oil industry, Bijan Zanganeh, a cabinet member of Rouhani, asked the Iranian people to economize on the gas consumption in their households. He reiterated: “The gas consumption in the household sector is still a decisive factor and with the current pace of gas consumption in the country, we will become an importer of gas in the coming years. Therefore to overcome this problem we have to reduce the gas consumption and increasing gas production will not get us out of this urgent situation.” 

From the beginning of the new Iranian year (on March 21), Rouhani’s government has increased the price of gas, water, electricity and bread by 20%-50%.