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European Parliament resolution and Iranian regime officials’ hysteric response

The Revolutionary Guards-affiliated Fars news agency reported on April 1st described the draft of this resolution, “Passing of the anti-Iranian government resolution in the European Parliament Foreign Relations Committee / From a human rights campaign to describing Iran’s presidential elections as undemocratic.”

This resolution also states, “the human rights situation in Iran is still characterised by the continued, systematic violation of fundamental rights… and by denying a visa to the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran and preventing him from fulfilling his mandate in independent manner.”

The European Parliament resolution expresses concerns of the expansion of  “torture, unfair trials and especially the high number of executions in Iran, especially execution of the minors.”

The European Parliament emphasizes, “human rights dialogue with Iran should be part of the future policy framework of bilateral EU–Iran relations… and  any future EP delegations to Iran should be committed to meeting political opposition, civil society activists and having access to political prisoners.”

This resolution has been met with intense responses from senior Iranian regime officials.

“With the unforgivable mistake made by Ms. Ashton in her trip to Tehran, there are no grounds to open an EU office in Iran,” the Majlis (parliament) News website cited Aladdin Borujerdi, chairman of the Majlis Security and Foreign Policy, saying on the EU opening an office in Tehran.

“Raising unfounded human rights claims by the European Parliament are not constructive,” said Iranian regime foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham.

“The European Union has no right to open an office in Iran,” said Brigadier General Naghdi, commander of the Bassij in Iran.

“These European measures are the result of various inactive remarks inside the country,” said Ali Asghar Zare’I, an Iranian MP from Tehran, on April 4th while describing the EP resolution as meddling in Iran’s affairs. “The Europeans think we are in need of the nuclear negotiations and with the view they have of the sanctions, they have increased their effrontery step by step. The actions of the Europeans and passing this resolution prove the forecasting of senior officials that their concerns with us is not the nuclear issue, and not even human rights or the missile program, but in fact they have problems with the entire system, and if this current trend continues, it is not clear to what extent these effronteries will continue.”


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