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Iran: Rouhani’s government facing political drought

In this regard, the pro-Rouhani government news paper of Aftabe Yazd rejected his speech and wrote on May 2: “What can specifically be surmised from Rouhani’s remarks is merely to have expectations. Rouhani expressed in his speech that the government was able to fulfill its promises to the people until the end of last year. I wish that Rouhani would have been a little more cautious in this regard. All the promises realized could mean a lot from the people’s perspective and one of them is that the increase in prices would cease. This is while the hike in the prices of energy carriers surely gives rise to inflation. Moderation means avoiding being extreme or passive. But what we currently see from the government is not moderation, it is neutralization. It means that the government regularly neutralizes and impoverishes itself in different areas.”

Meanwhile, the Rooz Online website wrote: “Rouhani faces a political drought and does not mention the failure to have people withdraw from receiving the subsidies (Rouhani’s government requested that the people forgo receiving subsidies but just 3% did). He tried to minimize the critics and opponents by describing them as to a minority of extremist hardliners.”

This website expressed enough of slogans, we must act and added: “Rouhani’s attitude in political and cultural arenas brings a sort of duality and popular behavior to mind. In this area treating problems by speaking is not a solution; practical and measurable acts must be done. To sum up, the press interview of Rouhani included hollw promises.”  

At the same time another website close to the government by the name of Ensaf News reported about the people’s impatience with Rouhani’s hollow slogans and wrote: “The slogan of ‘Rouhani we thank you’ changed in the virtual space to ‘Rouhani we are waiting’.” 


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