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Iran- Senior mullahs: It is the obligation of our government to take our people to heaven, even if they have to be whipped.

.”In his Friday Prayer speech, Khatami mentioned that it is the responsibility of the government to facilitate the path to heaven for all people. Allowing people to do whatever they want to do, or say whatever they want to say, applying force to control them is the wrong way to go and no one agrees with it.

This is a reaction to the Hassan Rouhani’s remarks in a meeting who had suggested not to intervene with people’s daily life and allowing them to find their way to heaven: ”Applying force and whipping them is not a solution”.

In Mashad’s Friday prayer speech, Alamolhoda expressed his disagreement with Rouhanitoo and said we will not only use whipping, but also any other means in our disposal to stand against those who may not agree with us. He claims that it is our duty to choose the way to heaven and even prophet Mohammed, opposed those who stood in the way of this duty to be materialized.

Opposition to social media                                                                                                                                                               

Following the comments of Rouhani and a few other government officials in regard to encouraging people to get more involved with social media, there has been an array of opposing comments from other factions in recent weeks. Alamolhoda believes that all social media outlets should either be banned or strictly controlled. He claims involvement in social media is OK if the government can control these outlets and apply heavy filtering. He then adds “What should we do with some social media outlets that insult Prophet Mohammad?” He also refers to music concerts and the youth social gatherings as “anti culture” and says ”We should not encourage the young people gather together, not allow the women to have make up,…these are a loss to the government’s revenue and a loss of public money.

Just in the past few months, a few music concerts have been cancelled despite the fact that they had permission to do so. 

Khatami also mentioned that if we can not manage a sinless gathering, it is better to have no gathering at all.














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