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Iran’s Government Sowed Winds of Misery, Is Reaping Its Whirlwinds

Iran’s officials are forced to confess their mistakes over the past 42 years

The crises in Iran are overflooding the Iranian government, and its officials from the lowest to the highest position are confessing and showing their concern that there is no other solution left to rescue this 42 old mullahs’ rule.

Mostafa Hashemi Taba, a former presidential candidate, in an interview with the state-run daily Shargh, reminded the government of the threat of social upheaval by recalling government inefficiencies in various fields, including electricity blackouts and its damage, housing, unemployment, poverty, and hunger, and said:

“Although it is said that Mr. Raisi inherited the ruins of Mr. Rouhani, and Kayhan writes that two years should be spent to removing its debris, we should say that two years is not enough and in fact, it takes much more time to remove its debris and rebuild. And what is called rubble is in reality not rubble, but is the result of sowed winds, which is not only the result of Mr. Rouhani’s actions, although he also participates in it, and we must wait for the whirlwind that will arise from this field.

“These winds have been sowed for whatever reason, including ignorance and the construction of imaginary utopias, far from possibilities and limitations, and whether we like it or not, whether we deny them with eloquent words or with shouts and slogans, and present again utopias resulting from our power and abilities, it will give its result, which is the whirlwind.

“Of course, this wind sowing continues without reckoning, as if we want to convert the White House into a mosque, the Elysée Palace into a Hosseiniyeh, and Buckingham Palace into a Mehdiyeh, and of course we do not know why the Kremlin has been left out.

“The Supreme Leader has repeatedly stated in his speeches that the presidential candidates should not make promises to the people beyond the country’s capacities. This is very true, but we know that many of the country’s facilities have been spent and we have no choice but to contain the storms. These storms come in turn and maybe together. We want to mention some of these winds that we have now reaped its storm. I hope these are not true and it is not like that what I am writing:

“1. The occupation of the American spy nest (which, of course, all embassies are spies) was the wind that we sowed and the result of Saddam’s invasion of our country.

  1. Selling currency in the free market was the wind that we sowed, and the smugglers bought those currencies, and we reaped the storm of many smuggled goods into the country, and this continues.
  2. We argued over the choice of the word ‘growth’ or ‘development’ or ‘progress’ and ignored the essence of the story and succumbed to the rising current costs and pressures, and now we are reaping the storm of unbearable appetite of consumption which is more than the production.
  3. We have sowed the wind of government expansion (both quantitative and financial), and now we are reaping the storm of heavy government debt and the 50 percent budget deficit, just as we are witnessing the storm of inflation.
  4. We sowed the wind of ‘Islamic banking’ and imposed Islamic contracts to the banks, and we set up private Islamic banks, and now we are reaping the storm of bankrupted private banks and experienced the owning of various facilities by the banks and realizing that a significant portion of currency or liquidity and inflation has been the result of these sowing.
  5. We sowed the wind of the depreciation of the country’s facilities, and now we are experiencing a storm of worn-out and inadequate transportation and freight equipment, and we see that millions of tons of our basic goods are in the ports of delayed domestic transportation and on the verge of decay.
  6. We sowed the wind of lack of scientific and qualitative development of agriculture and today we are experiencing a storm of import of 25 million tons of goods.
  7. While we have been sanctioned by the United States (and consequently all other countries), we have sown the wind of the normalcy of the society and disorganization facing with the sanctions, and as a result, we are reaping the storm of public discontent and the increase of deprivation of the poor.
  8. We sowed the wind of not paying attention to digging permitted and illegal deep wells, and today we are witnessing a storm of dry wells and subsidence of agricultural lands.
  9. We have sowed the wind of cutting the water right of lakes like Urmia, and today we are reaping the risk of a salt storm and the heavy cost of rehabilitating it (which apparently is not possible).
  10. We sowed the indifference to privatization and rent-seeking and luxurious and prosperous life, and today we are reaping the storm of corruption, class conflict, and deprivation.
  11. We sowed the carelessness about sewage and waste, and today we are harvesting huge amounts of garbage and running sewage in some cities.”
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