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Khamenei Begs for Votes in Horror of Election Boycott

Iran's supreme leader is begging the Iranian people to vote, because of the extremely bad situation of his regime.

“equitable” and “credible”, demonstrating that he is in pursuit of a policy of contraction and counteraction of upcoming protests in Iran and is determined to purge rival faction elements from the parliament.

He warned the rival faction’s elements who he described as “gossiper of the Majlis (Iran’s parliament) elections” and “officials who called the elections, appointment”. It was clear that Khamenei meant the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, who had recently called the appointments a threat to democracy and national sovereignty.

Regardless of the threats by the Supreme Leader against the protests of the rival faction, what Khamenei uttered during the meeting clearly signaled his weakness in front of the angry and frustrated people, who are completely against the entire regime, with no difference between any of the factions.

Begging for votes

Among his remarks about the election, which is the main challenge of the day for the regime, was the invitation to the people to participate in the so-called election, which is highly anticipated:

“Someone may not like me, but if he likes Iran, he should come to the ballot box.”

The message that any listener receives from these words full of plea and supplication is a clear confession of people’s hatred and disgust against him and his regime. A vicious leader who, with deceit, tried to keep a straight face.

A losing leader who begs and urges the people to warm up this repetitive and disgusting so-called election. This despicable request showed how much this regime needs such an act in this situation.

A defanged criminal

Khamenei, who is better informed than anyone about the slack of regime’s shows such as the “Friday prayers ceremonies”, “so-called elections” to various “marches”, complained that some called “the huge population of millions of people, several thousand people, and the mobility of several hundred people in the streets are named the people of Iran.”

And he hypocritically promised that the people would “attend in a large crowd in the squares and streets “at the events of the anniversary of the Iranian revolution in 1979 and the 40th-day mourning ceremony of Qassem Suleimani (the eliminated IRGC Quds Force commander).

Khamenei’s appeal to the overt lies of the “millions of people” while he repeated it over and over in the months following the November uprising is ironically indicative of his extremely weak and fragile position.

A situation that became more clarified during the uprising of January, with people and students tearing up his photos and that of his warmonger and strategic arm Qassem Suleimani and chanting slogans such as “Suleimani is a murderer, and his Leader is a murderer too” and “Death to Khamenei” and “Death to the lying leader”.

In addition to the repetition of the protests in Iran, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Lebanese people, whose countries the mullahs regard as the strategic depth of their regime, is another aspect of this weak and fragile situation, which has forced him to repeat the “million population” in his lectures.

Begging for security

The vicious leader of the regime like the last days of the traitorous Shah who had confessed that he had “heard the voice of the revolution,” said: “Well, there are plagues in the country, and they knew it too. These sanctions, in addition to the little failures that we do, have created problems for the people and the people have some complaints.”

While speaking about the “honor of the regime”, “national power”, “national insight” and “national security,” he immediately demanded:

“However, as the election is concerned, as the reputation of the regime is concerned, as the security of the state is on the desk, the people come to the scene, this represents the national determination, national power, and national insight.”

Khamenei who did not just cry in fear of the uprising and the security of his regime, surprisingly he remembered the beloved Iran and begged for votes while saying, “Everyone who loves Iran, loves the security of his homeland and the honor of his homeland, and is seeking to solve problems, must attend the ballot box so that the Iranian national determination and power will re-emerge.”

Yes, this is the real situation of a blood loving dictator who begs for the votes of the people and the security of his regime at the end of its sovereignty, while knowing well that the oppressed people of Iran have long boycotted any of the regime’s elections.

And this time they will ridicule it more than ever. They have decided to permanently cleanse their homeland of the existence of the Velayat-e-Faqih (mullahs’ regime) and these ridiculous shows.

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