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U.S. Leadership Uses Twitter to Battle Iran

Pompeo recently tweeted, “5,000 Iranian’s arrested…30 women jailed for protesting the hijab.

by Jazeh Miller

U.S. President Trump, as well as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, have used social media to condemn Iran. They have used Twitter to condemn the regime’s nuclear weapons program, its support of global terror groups, the armed destabilization of the Middle East, and Iran’s human rights abuses.

Iran Regime in Dead-end

Last December and January saw the outbreak of popular protests which began spontaneously

by Poorang Novak

Recent events seem to point to change in Iran. We may be viewing the final act for the Iranian regime, rocked, as it is, with mass protests that continue to sweep across the country.

Iran’s protests are only getting stronger

Their uprising, which began over a draft budget that slashed subsidies for the poor in order to increase military

By INU Staff

INU -The suppressive Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) are used to disbanding small, localised protests from the Iranian people, usually with the help of batons or bullets, but these latest protests are different.

Former Regime Insider Publicly Calls for Khamenei’s Ouster

These days, Qadiani leads the Islamic leftist political organization IRMO

By INU Staff

INU  “(Iran’s Supreme Leader) Khamenei should step down as a final solution to the Islamic republic’s problems,” said former supporter, and now opposition figure, Abolfazl Qadiani. On July 7th, Qadiani, previously a reformist who lives in Iran, called the Islamic Republic “a religious dictatorship.”

Protests over water shortages continue in Iran

Protests over a lack of drinking water broke out in Borazjan, southern Iran, for the second day on Sunday.

by Jazeh Miller

Protests over a lack of drinking water broke out in Borazjan, southern Iran, for the second day on Sunday.
According to the state-run news agency, IRNA, 350 protesters gathered in the city centre, however this number is particularly low in comparison to the thousands reported the previous day.

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