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Iranian regime’s helplessness in controlling Fire festival: For the sake of birds don’t participate in this festivity

Fars news agency, affiliated with the revolutionary guards, in an article published on March 18, the day of Fire festival, pleaded with the youth not to participate in the celebration and wrote: “In the Fire festival ceremony, using the firecrackers and making noises in many cities causes the birds to flee. Some of the smoke of the firecrackers goes into the eyes of the birds and they can no longer fly. Also some of them are affected by the wave of the explosions and flee the cities where people are jubilant.

Tehran’s Chief of Police: On the eve of Fire festival, we have uncovered millions of firecrackers in the attempt to prevent this ceremony

Tuesday night, March 18, is the national Fire festival that every year turns into an uprising against the Iranian regime concerning which the Chief of Tehran Police said in a television interview: “We have discovered several million firecrackers that are now in the police warehouses. Moreover, the patrols of the security forces will be active in the form of foot patrols and motorcycle and vehicle patrols.”

Iran: Fire festival, the festival of Iranians against fundamentalists and tyranny and reactions by the Iranian regime

Chaharshanbeh Souri

also called the fire festival, is an Iranian festival held the Tuesday night before the last Wednesday of the year. “Chaharshanbeh Souri” is formed the two words of Chaharshanbeh, or Wednesday, and Souri, meaning “red” and alluding to the redness of fire. This festival is a prelude to Nowruz that itself promises the spring and the novelty of nature (Nowruz, or the “New Day”, is the first day of spring and the Persian New Year).

Iran: Residents in the Govaz , Resist Security Forces Attempting to Destroy Satellite Dishes

Iranian regime security forces arrived in the village of Govaz, a suburb of of Marivan in northern Kurdistan province, to remove and destroy satellite dishes owned by residents On March 1st, 2014. The security forces had neither a court order nor did they inform the residents of their intention beforehand. They raided homes and began to remove the dishes and break them into parts.

Iran: Hundreds of Students Protest against the Suspicious Death of a Female Student

According to reports from inside Iran on Monday, March 3rd, hundreds of university students in Orumieh (northwest of Iran) gathered in front of the main building of Orumieh University and protested against the death of Sheida Hatami, a Kurdish student at the university. The students chanted slogans against the security and university officials and demanded the perpetrators of this incident be prosecuted.

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