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MEK Role in Iran November Uprising

Many experts believe that with the crackdown on the protests, the Iranian regime has lost its internal and international legitimacy and it is on the verge of collapse.

The mullahs’ regime press outlets have paid special attention to the role played by the MEK during the November protests in Iran. They point specifically to the role played by the MEK resistance units, formed and elaborated, according to the regime, after the 2017 uprising and playing a major role in the November uprising in 2019.

Iran: Little Porter Dies in Blizzard

Angry locals chant “death to dictator” over death of 14 year old porter in western Iran - According to reports, locals started a search for three border porters or Kolbars stuck in a snow storm on December 17.

On Friday, 20 December, Iranians in the town of Marivan buried the lifeless, frozen body of a 14-year-old boy Farhad Khosravi, who was trapped and killed in a storm and blizzard as he was trying to evade the Revolutionary Guards.

Iran’s Rulers Are Afraid of Losing Time

One of the consequences of nationwide protests that shook Iran in November and December is the intensification of infighting among regime officials.

These days, not a day goes by without Iran’s state-run media outlets warning and blaming authorities about the country’s breathtaking crises and their consequences. This is, of course, the natural reaction of the ruling system that was recently challenged by the people’s nationwide protests.

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