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Iran Protests; Suppression Won’t Save the Regime

Despite the Iranian regime's savage crackdown on the fed-up people but the severe continuation of nationwide protests made oppression apparatus ineffective.

On Wednesday, November 27, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described the recent protests as an extremely dangerous, deep, and extensive threat to the regime. He made remarks for his thugs and plainclothes agents and warned them, "Prepare for defending in all sectors [including] hard, semi-hard, and soft warfare. Basij [paramilitary government’s forces] should design a tactical and strategic roadmap for all the country’s districts.”

Both Factions of Iran’s Regime Warn of a Continued Uprising

This is what was going on in Iran during mass protests. City of Marivan, blood of a protestor killed by IRGC

From the start of the mullahs' tyranny in Iran and the Iran-Iraq war that Khomeini imposed on the people and years of so-called "reform", the Iranian Resistance has stood on two principles: One is that the ultimate goal of both sides of the regime is merely "maintaining the regime".

Iranian Authorities Concerned Over Resurgence of Protests

Iran: The regime of Iran continues to reel in the aftermath of the protests that have shaken the country in the past week.

The fear and concern about the Iranian regime’s future are evident in remarks made by authorities as well as material published by state-run media. In fact, while officials boast that they could quell “upheavals,” but they cannot neglect the basic problems that led the country to the recent protests.

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