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Iran: Domestic pressure will cause the regime to topple

By INU Staff

INU - The Iranian regime has been put under intense pressure by the international community in recent times, especially by the United States. The regime was not that long ago enjoying the so-called “golden years” when former U.S. President Barack Obama was in office. Obama wanted his major foreign policy legacy to be the Joint Comprehensive plan of Action (JCPOA), or 2015 Iran nuclear deal as it is more commonly referred to. He achieved this, but at a very high cost.

Dancing Students are the Latest Target in Iran’s War on “Infiltration”

By Mahmoud Hakamian

In a sign of persistent tensions between the government and the citizenry in the Islamic Republic of Iran, hardline figures have focused their ire upon a series of social media posts showing young students dancing to popular music. According to Voice of America News, the Iranian Education Ministry responded on Tuesday with a statement that promised “legal consequences” for anyone who has broken the law by creating or disseminating the videos.

Iranians take to street in protest on May Day

By INU Staff

INU - To mark International Workers’ Day on 1st May, many Iranians gathered outside the Iranian parliament building. Teachers’ associations and labour unions called on citizens to use the occasion to hold rallies in protests against the Iranian regime. They are also expected to hold rallies on 2nd May too.

US Calls for Iranian People to Reject the Regime

By INU Staff

INU- The US made a direct appeal to the Iranian people via social media on Tuesday, urging them to reject the “corrupt religious mafia” running their country and reiterating that the Regime is more concerned with funding terrorism than looking after its population.

What does 2019 hold for the Iranian regime?

By INU Staff

INU- Iran’s leadership is in tatters. Last year was a tough one for the Iranian regime as it seemed to be under immense pressure from all angles. International pressure has been mounting, especially from the United States, with U.S. President Donald Trump and officials in his administration promising that it will not relent in trying to curb the Iran threat.

40 Years After the Revolution, Iranians Still Seek Democracy

By INU Staff

INU- On Wednesday, the Islamic Republic celebrates the 40th anniversary of the departure of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi from Iran on January 16th, 1979.

There were many reasons that led up to the people’s uprising against the shah — some continue today, such as the population’s dissatisfaction with political and financial corruption, lack of freedom of the press, and infringements on the rights for assembly and free speech.


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