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Baluch Women Shout for Regime Change – Day 78 of Revolution

On the 78th day of revolution, brave Baluchi women led anti-regime protests in Sistan & Baluchestan, insisting the struggle continues.

On Friday, December 2, 2022, people in various cities of Sistan & Baluchestan province took to the streets following the Friday Prayer and began chanting anti-regime slogans. Women played a key role in leading today’s protests in this oppressed region.

“With or without hijab, we conclude the revolution,” “Death to the oppressor, be it the shah or a supreme leader,” “Death to Khamenei,” “Kurds and Baluchis are brothers and despise [Khamenei],” “We don’t want a child-killing regime,” “Death to the Revolutionary Guards,” “I will kill those who killed my brother,” “Khamenei is a murderer; his rule is illegitimate,” “Basiji, IRGC, you are our ISIS,” “Poverty, corruption, high price, we continue to overthrow [the regime],” and “Death to Basij,” chanted Iranian Baluchi women and men.

Security forces reportedly fired birdshot pallets and tear gas against citizens, injuring several protesters and bystanders. Citizens resisted and continued demonstrations in Zahedan, Iranshahr, Khash, Noukabad, Chabahar, and Zahak.

“Our Baluch compatriots rose again today in step with the nationwide movement to seek justice for those who laid down their lives for the freedom of Iran,” said Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

Protests, strikes, and anti-regime activities also continued in Tehran, Arak, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Anzali, Rask, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Isfahan, Gorgan, and Bushehr. Furthermore, citizens in Arak and Shahinshahr turned memorial ceremonies for the late Sina Malayeri and Mohammad-Hassan Torkaman into anti-regime demonstrations.

December 2 marked the 78th day of anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstrations began following the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, in police custody. However, it immediately turned into a revolution against the entire theocratic regime.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the protests have extended to 279 cities. The regime has killed more than 680 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained over 30,000. The MEK has published the names of 555 killed protesters.

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Key Developments:

  • The Canadian Foreign Minister announced further sanctions on Iranian regime officials and entities.
  • The Judiciary Chief appoints Hossein-Ali Nayeri, the head of the death commission in the massacre of political prisoners in 1988 and a ruthless criminal, as his senior advisor.
  • The Iranian regime’s most prominent example of terrorism was a 2018 plot to blow up the annual Paris meeting of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an alliance of exile groups seeking to oust the regime, Politico sheds light on the regime’s record of terror.
  • “Western nations need to understand that the Iranian regime is not just a supporter of international terrorism but supports terrorism against its own people as well,” saidS. Senator Lindsey Graham.
  • Thirty-nine years ago, Iran-sponsored terrorists drove a truck laden with explosives into the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Beirut, Lebanon, killing 241 U.S. service members — 220 Marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers — and severely injuring many others, said the 21stS. National Security Advisor Gen. James Jones.
  • The U.S. and French Presidents express their respect for the Iranian people, in particular women and youth, who are bravely protesting to gain the freedom to exercise their human rights and fundamental freedoms, which Iran [regime] itself has subscribed to and is violating.

Tehran Province:

Tehranpars residents chanted “Death to the dictator” after midnight. Source

Locals set ablaze a poster promoting the regime’s IRGC paramilitary Basij Force. Source

Jannatabad residents chant: Death to the dictator! Source

Protesters say regime thugs have broken the tombstone of the late Hamid Reza Rouhi, 19, killed by security forces on November 18. Source

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Sistan & Baluchestan Province:

Regime security forces began shooting at demonstrators in Zahedan. Source

More footage of locals establishing roadblocks and taking control of the Zahedan bazaar. Source

Locals established roadblocks to take control of the city bazaar. Source

Protesters in Sar Jangal started a fire outside a local state police station while chanting “Death to Khamenei!” Source

More footage of Zahedan locals continuing the nationwide protests against the regime on the 78th day of the uprising. Source

Regime security forces began shooting at demonstrators in Noukabad. Source

Markazi Province:

Arak citizens attend the late Sina Malayeri’s 40-day memorial, chanting:

We fight and take back Iran! Source

For each person killed another thousand will rise! Source

Sistan & Baluchestan Province:

Locals in Zahedan held a protest rally in the city’s Kowthar Square. Source

Bushehr Province:

Locals in Ashuri district threw Molotov cocktails in an attack targeting a base of the regime’s IRGC paramilitary Basij Force. Source

Khuzestan Province:

Locals gathered to mark the third day of the murder of Hamed Salahshouri by regime security forces began chanting: Death to Khamenei! and This is the year Seyed Ali (Khamenei) is overthrown! Source

Gilan Province:

Locals gathered to mark the third day of Mehran Samak’s murder by the regime’s oppressive security forces began chanting: This is the year Seyed Ali (Khamenei) is overthrown! Source

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