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Iran: Citizens Take Over Streets in Sistan & Baluchestan, Day 57

On the 57th day of protests, citizens rose up across Iran, particularly in Sistan & Baluchestan province, fiercely responding to autocrats.

On Friday, November 11, 2022, large crowds flooded the streets following the Friday Prayer across Sistan & Baluchestan province. Security forces mercilessly opened fire at citizens in Zahedan, Khash, Saravan, Sarbaz, Iranshahr, Rask, Pishin, etc. However, defiant protesters resisted and pushed back oppressive forces, and took over several Revolutionary Guards bases.

Citizens in Tehran, Khorramabad, and Sardasht commemorated slain protesters and victims of the regime’s atrocities with anti-regime slogans. “Death to Khamenei,” “This is the year of [Khamenei] overthrow,” “Death to the dictator,” and “Swearing the martyrs’ blood, we resist to the end,” citizens chanted.

November 11 marked the 57th day of anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstrations began following the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, in police custody. However, it immediately turned into a revolution against the entire theocratic regime.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the protests have extended to 219 cities. The regime has killed more than 550 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained over 30,000. The MEK has published the names of 390 killed protesters.

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Key Developments:

  • Early reports say authorities dispatched dozens of anti-riot forces to various cities across Sistan & Baluchestan province in fear of further protests.
  • Brave protesters attacked several IRGC bases in Zahedan, Fuladshahr, Mahabad, Kazeroun, and Khomeinishahr responding to the regime’s atrocities and ongoing crimes against defenseless protesters.
  • Chants of “reformist, hardliner, it is over!” and “we don’t want referendums, we want regime change!” have reverberated in the protests, Reuters reports.
  • UN experts call on authorities in Iran to stop sentencing peaceful protesters to death.
  • The European People’s Party states, “We must not turn our eyes from Iran, where lawmakers called on the government to issue the death sentence for protesters.”
  • Belgian Chamber of Representatives approved a joint text in support of the Iranian people’s protests.
  • S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield said, “The work of promoting gender equality and empowering women cannot be entrusted to Iran, whose violent oppression of women and girls makes it unfit to serve on the UN Commission on the Status of Women.”
  • Walid Phares said, “Instead of U.S. policy to help the Iranian people a dangerous policy in DC was to create the Iran Deal that provided billions of dollars to a regime bent on war abroad and oppression at home.”
  • PEN America’s director of Free Expression at Risk Programs Karin Deutsch Karlekar said, “The Iranian government is putting writers’ lives at severe risk through its brazen violation of basic human rights that include systematic abuse and torture in custody, coupled with fast-tracked and harsh sentences solely for exercising the right to free expression.”
  • Island and Germany have requested a Human Rights Council Special Session on the human rights situation in Iran. Supported by 42 states. Important for the UN HRC to address the situation of women and girls in Iran in recent protests.

Sistan & Baluchestan Province:

A large crowd of Zahedan citizens took to the streets following the Friday Prayer, chanting:

Death to Khamenei! and Death to IRGC Basij! [Source]

Death to Khamenei! and Death to Basij! [Source]

1,000 people are behind every slain protester! [Source]

Swearing the martyrs’ blood, we resist to the end! [Source]

This is the year of [Khamenei] overthrow! [Source]

Saravan citizens take to the streets following the Friday Prayer, chanting: “Death to Basij!” [Source]

Many citizens take to the streets in Khash, chanting: “Death to Khamenei!” and “I’ll kill whoever killed my brother!” [Source] “From Khash to Zahedan, my life for Iran!” [Source]

Khash citizens trample the traffic sign written “Qassem Soleimani Blvd!” [Source]

Rask citizens take to the streets, chanting: “Rape, crime; death to [Khamenei] rule!” [Source]

Security forces target protesters with birdshot in Rask, leading to several injured. [Source]

Rask defiant youths block the transit road of SarbazChabahar, obstructing IRGC forces’ traffic and business. [Source]

Footage shows security forces opening fire on defenseless citizens in Iranshahr. [Source]

Defiant youths reportedly set an oppressive forces’ kiosk ablaze in Iranshahr following the regime’s atrocities and using live ammo against defenseless protesters. [Source]

Iranshahr defiant youths blocked the transit road of IranshahrRask, obstructing #IRGC forces’ traffic and business. [Source]

Footage shows citizens in Pishin, located at the zero point, joining the nationwide protests. [Source]

Defiant youths in Pishin, a zero-point area in Rask County, take over the local IRGC base, setting it ablaze. [Source]

Footage from Chabahar port shows security forces firing tear gas at protesters. “Death to Khamenei,” citizens chant. [Source]

Tehran Province, Behesht Zahra Cemetery:

Dozens of citizens pay homage to the late Amir-Mehdi Farrokhi, 17, gunned down by security forces at Laleh Park on September 27. Citizens chanted:

Death to the dictator! [Source/Source]

Swearing our martyrs’ blood, we resist to the end! [Source]

IRGC and Basij are our ISIS! [Source]

Lorestan Province, Khorramabad:

Authorities secretly buried the late Sam [Sepehr] Beyranvand, 20, in Deh Sepid village, Khorramabad, fearing #IranProtests in this city. The regime killed him on November 9 while he was writing slogans in graffiti. “I come out to do something for freedom, development, and solidarity with Zahedan citizens,” he wrote in his last Instagram story.

In his commemoration ceremony, citizens chanted:

Death to Khamenei! [Source]

This beloved rose is devoted to the homeland! [Source]

West Azarbaijan Province, Sardasht:

Citizens pay homage to the late Heyman Hamzeh, an impoverished kulbar [porter] gunned down by IRGC forces, chanting: “A martyr never dies!” [Source]

Protesters also took over an IRGC base, setting it ablaze. “All IRGC forces fled. Sardasht became free,” the voice says. [Source/Source]

Mahabad defiant youths set tires ablaze, blocking the streets and resuming anti-regime protests. [Source]

Alborz Province, Karaj:

Sister of the late Pouya Bakhtiari, killed by security forces in November 2019, posted a video, saying addressing regime forces: “Authorities again attacked our home, but I’m not afraid of you. I’ve lost my brother. My parents are in jail. God damn you!” [Source]

Kurdistan Province, Sanandaj:

Sanandaj citizens block the streets in the Abidar district, chanting: “Death to the dictator!” [Source]

Sanandaj citizens set tires ablaze, blocking the streets in the Abidar district. [Source]

Bushehr Province:

Footage shows an intense skirmish between defiant youths and oppressive forces. [Source]

Defiant youths attacked IRGC “Imam Reza” Basij base in Salehabad, responding to the regime’s atrocities against defenseless protesters. [Source]

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