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Iran Crisis Will Spur Protests

Nationwide protests in Iran 2017 (Image: Archive)

Iran is experiencing a number of economic, social, and environmental crises, which only increases the people’s hatred of the regime as the crises get worse and destroy the lives of the people.

One of the biggest crises right now is unemployment and even the state-run media is reporting on it, which shows just how bad the problem is.

The Farhikhtegan daily wrote Saturday: “In the next five years, the active population of the country will reach 29 million. Considering unsustainable jobs, if one million jobs are not created in the country annually, the country will face an army of educated but unemployed people.”

The Statistics Centre of Iran reported that in late 2020, that the unemployment rate was 2,478,000 and that 961,000 of them had degrees; many of them women.

In fact, many highly educated people in Iran are forced to work as contract or seasonal workers, while struggling to make ends meet because of high inflation and skyrocketing prices.

The Kar-o-Kargar wrote Sunday that inflation, poverty wages, and skyrocketing prices have caused the people’s lives to collapse, with families so unable to afford living costs that more and more are having to send their kids out to work.

Now the mullahs and their loyalists keep trying to blame the problems on sanctions, but that’s just not the case.

The Arman daily wrote Sunday: “Let us not forget that the root of many people’s protests against the country’s economic affairs is due to the actions of corrupt officials. These officials…. have plundered the national wealth and made people suspicious of the system’s actions.”

Meanwhile, the Hamdeli warned the people’s anger has been building for a long time, with people losing their life savings in the stock market at such a large scale that, of course, the people are angry.

They wrote: “The lack of improvement and the continuation and new arrangements to compensate for or reduce this economic failure by the officials increases people’s anger. Oppressing these plundered people, such as what happened during recent protests, also increases people’s anger.”

The paper said that the regime’s response to the legitimate anger of the people has only spurred more anger and more protests. They warned that another uprising, like that of November 2019 and December 2017, could be on the horizon. The paper wrote that as time goes by “the anger is reproduced and this will be the same society immersed in anger” toward the regime.

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