Shirin Ebadi, the first Iranian to win a Nobel Prize, told Bloomberg that the National Iranian American Council was following the orders of the Regime and then openly called for regime change in Iran to bring democracy to the country.

The NIAC hit back, but surprisingly not at Ebadi herself. Instead, they choose to attack Regime enemies Donald Trump and his new national security advisor, John Bolton, ahead of the final deadline for the Iran nuclear deal.

In a statement, the NIAC wrote: “As we speak, Donald Trump is installing John Bolton in the White House – a man who has openly called for over a decade for the U.S. to bomb Iran. Trump has fired his advisors who argued against killing the Iran deal and is replacing them with pro-war advocates like CIA Director Mike Pompeo – who wants to turn Iran into Syria. Meanwhile, our families continue to be banned from America because of Trump’s hateful policies.”

As you can see, the NIAC didn’t even attempt to counter Ebadi’s statements. Well, how could they deny it?

The NIAC has already lost a lot of the influence they once had and are now relegated to a handful of obscure blogs.

After all, now that the Regime is being widely exposed as human rights abusers that are dangerous to the security of the Middle East, how could any respectable media outlet defend them?
Iran is also facing an economic crisis right now, due to its malign funding of terrorist groups and proxy wars. Their rial even hit an all-time-low of 61,000 to the dollar. This is part of the reason that the Iranian people have been out in the street protesting since December.

The NIAC is desperate to salvage the nuclear deal, but even its president, Trita Parsi, admits to being pessimistic. He argues that Trump is scaring businesses away from dealing with Iran, but Trump isn’t executing protesters in the streets or funding Hezbollah in Lebanon, the mullahs are.

Parsi should stop blaming others for the failure of the nuclear deal and look at the people who have been violating it from the beginning. His days of leading an echo chamber that promoted a “moderate” side to the Regime are over and it’s time he realised that.