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Iran: MPs Vote for Executions; Prisoners Say No More– Day 54

Despite the regime's oppressive measures and MPs' threats with execution, defiant citizens and students continued protests in Iran on day 54.

On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, protests continued across Iran despite the regime’s cruel suppression, including 227 regime MPs’ call for executing detained protesters on November 6. They blamed thousands of protesters for self-defending while security forces have murdered hundreds of citizens on the streets alone.

Furthermore, authorities in Torbat-e Jam Prison, Razavi Khorasan province, tried to transfer two inmates for execution today early morning. However, other prisoners resisted prison guards to spare their cellmates’ lives. Authorities severely suppressed prisoners, set several parts of the prison ablaze, and transferred more than 20 prisoners to Mashhad Prison.

Nonetheless, prisoners’ resistance to save their death-row cellmates was a significant momentum, showing the regime’s vulnerability inside its harrowing dungeons. Of course, this is not the first indication nor the last that proves the regime can no longer terrorize society with oppressive measures. “United students would never give up even if Iran’s sky rains blood,” Allameh Tabatabaei students chanted today.

November 8 marked the 54th day of anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstrations began following the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, in police custody. However, it immediately turned into a revolution against the entire theocratic regime.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the protests have extended to 218 cities. The regime has killed more than 550 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained over 30,000. The MEK has published the names of 368 killed protesters.

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Key Developments:

  • The majority of the regime parliament [Majlis], including 227 of 290 MPs, called for the execution of detained protesters under the “Moharebeh” excuse on November 6.
  • Inmates in Torbat-e Jam Prison, northeastern Iran, resisted authorities’ attempt for transferring two prisoners for execution. Authorities torched the prison and severely suppressed prisoners.
  • Citizens in Marivan turned the late Nasrin Qaderi commemoration ceremony into an anti-regime demonstration, chanting slogans against Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and the entire regime.
  • Students resumed anti-regime protests in several universities in Tehran and other cities.
  • Freedom-loving Iranians held rallies and exhibitions in Washington DC and Aarhus, supporting anti-regime protests.
  • On November 7, Judiciary Chief Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei called on judicial authorities to expedite the prosecution and sentencing of arrested protesters.
  • “I defend the ruling system because if the regime changed today, I am among the ten death-row officials without any trial,” said Cultural Heritage Minister Ezzatollah Zarghami on November 6.

Kurdistan Province, Marivan:

Marivan citizens commemorate the late Nasrin Qaderi, 35, beaten to death by security forces on November 4. Citizens chanted:

Death to Khamenei; damn Khomeini! [Source]

Death to the oppressor; be it the shah or a supreme leader [Khamenei]! [Source]

This is the year of [Khamenei] overthrow! [Source]

Death to the dictator! and Death to Khamenei! [Source]

Freedom, freedom, freedom! [Source]

Tehran Universities:

Allameh Tabatabaei-Social Science Faculty students continue anti-regime protests, chanting: Our Mahsa [Amini] and Nika [Shakerami] are the voice for freedom! [Source]

Allameh Tabatabaei-Social Science Faculty students continue anti-regime protests, chanting for their detained classmate Milad Abdi: They captured our Milad [Abdi]; we’re all Abdi! [Source]

Allameh Tabatabaei students continue anti-regime protests, chanting: We, students and workers, resist in a trench [for freedom]! [Source]

Sharif University students rally at the Amphitheater Hall reciting freedom-loving anthems, showing their determination to conclude this revolution at all costs. [Source]

University of Science & Culture students continue protests, chanting: IRGC forces will be killed this year; death to the entire regime! [Source]

University of Science & Culture students continue protests, chanting: We risk our lives; tyranny is enough! [Source]

Meli [Beheshti] University-Mathematics Faculty students continue protests, chanting: [Names of imprisoned students] must be freed! and Iran has become a prison, Evin [Prison] became a university! [Source]

Golestan Province, Gonbad-e Kavus:

Defiant youths torch the regime’s MP in Gonbad-e Kavus in the early hours of Tuesday, responding to the regime’s atrocities and crimes. “We will burn everything if you harm even one protester,” a protester said. [Source]

Kerman Province, Kerman:

Defiant protesters torched a pro-regime billboard, showing they are no longer deceived. Mullahs try to exploit people’s freedom-seeking purposes in the regime’s favor via installing billboards of “Baray-e.” [Source]

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