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Iran Prison Riots Over Coronavirus 

Iranian prisoners struggle to be alive while the regime tries to eliminate them amid the coronavirus outbreak in prisons

Reports of unrest emerged on Sunday night from ShirazAdilabad Prison, where a large number of coronavirus-infected were abandoned without medical care. According to local sources, some prisoners escaped and the sound of gunfire could be heard from the prison. 

This followed on from reports of riots in seven other cities. 

On Saturday, inmates at Mahabad prison in northwest Iran stage a riot that resulted in many prisoners escaping. The riot, which led to violent clashes with armed guards, began as a protest over the regime authorities’ refusal to release prisoners even as the coronavirus epidemic grew. Again, gunfire was heard into the early morning. 

A few hours earlier, prisoners at Alvand Prison in Hamadan, western Iran, escaped during a riot, after prison guards opened fire on prisoners. Following the brutal assault on them, prisoners set ablaze parts of the prison. 

On Friday, inmates at the Greater Tehran Penitentiary, otherwise known as Fashafuyeh, began to riot in protest to the spread of coronavirus in the prison, with several prisoners dead and many others infected. 

After the riot, prison guards and anti-riot units launched a brutal attack on the inmates; throwing out their belongings under the pretext of periodic inspections, banning all contact between prisoners and their family members, and putting inmates under intense pressure. 

Even the state-run IRNA news agency reported that there were “clashes” in the prison. Now, all prison guards and authorities are on full alert, with forces stationed at nearby military bases ordered to be ready to confront a possible riot. 

Also on Friday, 80 prisoners escaped from a prison in Saqqez to avoid the coronavirus epidemic. 

On Thursday, there were reports of unrest and shooting in the prison of Tabriz, East Azarbaijan Province. 

Last weekend, over the Iranian New Year, there were two prison rebellions in western Iran. 

On Friday, March 20, in the Central Prison of Aligoudarz, in Lorestan, prisoners at risk of Coronavirus infection rioted and disarmed prison guards in an attempt to escape. The clashes, which soon involved the Revolutionary Guards, continued for several hours, with several prisoners shot to death or wounded. 

On March 19, inmates at risk of Coronavirus infection at Parsilon Prison in KhorramabadLorestan Province, rioted and disarmed prison guards. Around 250 prisoners escaped, but guards killed 400 and wounded 40-50 by shooting them in the back.


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