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Iran: Ongoing Protests Because of Bad Economic Situation

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On Monday, September 6, Iranian workers protested in various cities of Iran. Despite the dire situation caused by the coronavirus outbreak, Iranian workers are deprived of their wages and their rights by various pretexts of the government.

Susa, Haft Tappeh Workers

Protest rally of Haft Tappeh workers against the non-determination of the ownership and management of the company and the pointless dismissal and installations carried out by the managers, gathered, and marched in the company’s premises.

The protesters also kicked the company’s executives out of the management department and closed the door to the management department. These workers still have 2 months of arrears and want all their demands to be met.

Varamin, Educators

A group of Varamin educators gathered in front of the city hall to protest the incompetence of the regime’s agents in handing over land to build housing. For more than 25 years, they have given land to teachers and educators, and with false promises and deception, they are trying to reduce the amount of land given under different pretexts.


Ahwaz, Telecommunication Brokers

Rural telecommunication workers staged a protest in front of the regime’s General Directorate of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare in Khuzestan Province to protest what they call the non-full implementation of the rural brokers’ contract.

Before that on Sunday, teachers protested the poor economic situation and the lack of attention to their economic and livelihood problems, in front of the parliament and the program and budget organization office.

Teachers chanted at the rally: ‘Teacher shout, shout your right’, ‘Our salary is three million, the poverty line is 10 million’, ‘Where are the radio and television, our salary is in the air’, and ‘We will not go anywhere until we get our right.’

They held banners and placards written on them; multi-job teachers to escape poverty. A dynamic society equals the removal of concern for the teacher’s livelihood.

Protesting teachers say how is it that a 50 percent extraordinary for the religious students will not cause inflation, but a 21 percent increase in the salaries of educators will cause inflation and economic chaos?

The educators of the literacy movement also gathered in front of the parliament expecting that the government fulfilled their demands. They gathered in front of the Ministry of Education building. The protesters demanded recruitment at Farhangian University and employment at the Ministry of Education.

On Sunday, many ‘Green Report Card’ owners also rallied in front of the Ministry of Education to protest their non-employment. It is worth mentioning that those who passed the employment recruitment exam in 2020 have become known as the ‘Green Report Card’ owners.

Khuzestan, Petrochemical Staff

Kavian Petrochemical workers resumed their strike. Following the promise of the management of Kavian Assaluyeh Petrochemical, the workers of this complex went on strike again on Monday, September 6th. In the second week since the strike was broken by these workers, the management of Kavian Assaluyeh, in addition to not fulfilling its promises, has introduced five of these people to the notorious intelligence office.

Gonaveh, Sailors’ protest

Gonaveh sailors protested in front of the governor’s office against naval restrictions on the use of motorboats.

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