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Iran Regime losing friends and gaining enemies

This is perhaps best exemplified by the United Nations Security Council meeting on December 12, where many countries, including eight European nations, protested Iranian ballistic missile programme. The other countries were especially concerned about Iran’s ballistic missiles test at the beginning of December and asked Iran to pay attention to the concerns raised and work to alleviate them.

This came shortly after UN Secretary-General António Guterres presented the discovery of Iranian-made rocket launchers in Yemen to the Security Council in his latest report.
However, it’s not just the Iranian ballistic missiles programme that is proving a source of contention for the international community. Iran’s state-sponsored terrorism is also causing concern for countries in Europe and North America.

Over the course of 2018 alone, there have been at least four instances of thwarted Iranian terror or assassination plots in the West; normally levelled against the Iranian Resistance. This has gained the Regime the condemnation of Iranians around the world, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, UK foreign minister Jeremy Hunt, and the French intelligence agency, amongst others.

Even EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has said that Europe’s support for the nuclear deal will not cause them to ignore other issues, highlighting that Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Italy will continue to negotiate with Iran about ballistic missiles and regional issues.

To make matters worse for the mullahs, the Iranian Regime is also losing its strategic allies in the Middle East.
In Iraq, for instance, a number of political parties have distanced themselves from the Iranian Regime and have begun criticising Iranian interference in the Iraqi political realm.

Even former Iraqi Prime Minister Heydar Al-Ebadi, a close ally of Iran who had the Regime’s backing during his rule, disavowed the mullahs on December 9. In fact, even during his last days in power, Al-Ebadi announced that Iraqi would comply with US sanctions on Iran, something that caused outrage amongst the mullahs and caused the cancellation of his visit to Iran.

While Saudi Arabia has criticised Iran’s regional meddling twice in recent weeks, with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz condemning Iranian terrorism in a speech on November 19 and calling for a united front against the Iranian regime by members of the Gulf Cooperation Council at their annual summit on December 10.

In his first speech, he said: “The Iranian regime has always meddled in other countries’ internal affairs, has supported terrorism, and has created havoc in many countries in the region and caused devastation.”

The mullahs are trying to put on a brave face, but really they know that this is the end for them. After 40 years of corruption, the Iranian people are ready to overthrow the mullahs and they have global support.

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