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Iran Regime’s Khamenei Under Attack From All Sides

Ali Khamenei has come under fierce criticism in open letters, which reached the press on April 4, from leftists, ultraconservatives, and many centrists, which begs the question: who is still supporting him?

Abolfazl Qadiani, a senior member of the Islamic Revolution’s Mojahedeen Organization (IRMO), likened Khamenei to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels in his letter and criticised him for rigged elections, large numbers of political prisoners, and creating a religious dictatorship.

He wrote that the Iranian regime “cannot be reformed”, which is what the Iranian people have been saying for months in their ongoing uprising. The self-described reformists in the Regime are actually helping to keep the Regime going as is.

He challenged Khamenei to run for office to test his legitimacy, knowing that the Iranian people would not vote in this despot. He also told Khamenei to end the illegal economic activities of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and those close to the Regime, as well as allowing international oversight.

At the other end of the scale, 300 supporters of former President Ahmadinejad demanded reforms in Iran and questioned the performance of the entire Regime from Khamenei to the media empire to the leaders of Friday prayers.

The signatories, who described themselves as “Hezbollah activists”, wrote that Khamenei must introduce these reforms. The terrorist cell Hezbollah is backed by the Iranian Regime to the tune of billions of USD per year.

These reforms supposedly include reforms to the Guardian Council, whom they described as “an apparatus that prevents the election of qualified individuals supported by the people” and the Judiciary, which they cited as “the centre of oppression and imposition”.

While both claims are true, it is worth noting that Ahmadinejad and some of his closest followers are currently facing, or serving time on, corruption charges and that the Guardian Council stopped Ahmadinejad running for a third term as President in 2017. This is why his followers are complaining.

These people want to keep the Iranian Regime going by offering reforms that only suit those in power. This is not what the people want, nor is it the safe option for the world.

Regime change in Iran is the only way to bring peace and prosperity to Iran. It must be done by and for the Iranian people and their organised democratic resistance. The Regime is shaky and the protests will cause it to fall.

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