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Iran, the Killings in the 2019 November Protests and the Consequences for the Regime

Iran/ Metropol Shiraz November 2019 protests

The regime since that time is trying to hide the truth and the real numbers of the people who were mostly killed by the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). Even the number of people who were arrested is unclear.

The Iranian opposition group NCRI announced that 1500 protesters were killed and more than 12000 people were arrested. But in Iran’s clerical regime, it is very difficult that the real information could be obtained. In a country where freedom of speech is extremely oppressed this is very difficult to obtain, and for those who gave the truth out of the country, they are hunted down, and run the risk of losing their lives, and if not the regime destroys their entire existence and families.

But with all these the regime cannot escape from the consequences and the number of the killed, which is following it like a nightmare, and is facing daily with the frustration and anger of the people, especially the families of the killed which expect answers from the regime.

In response to the consequences of the November killings to Ali Motahari, the regime’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced in a letter to the parliament on 18 May:

“The events of November are a national and across sectors issue that each of the responsible agencies will be responsible for their actions based on their inherent duty. The actions of the Ministry of Interior in this regard are entirely based on the law and the documents of the official authorities, and Motahari’s claim requires documents, otherwise, we will have to pursue legal action.”

Ali Motahari revealed in the regime’s parliament on 3 May that the plan to impeach Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli in the regime’s parliament in connection with the November massacre had been stopped deliberately and by order from high officials, referring to Khamenei:

Ali Motahari in the regime’s parliament:

“You see, we raised the issue of impeachment of the Minister of Interior in November and December (2019). The interior minister was the main culprit in the events of November, and this massacre, which unfortunately killed many people. Now, look, they told us that in the end, the situation is not appropriate now.”

Minors killed by the IRGC’s forces in the November 2019 uprisings

On this subject, the Persian Twitter account of the U.S. State Department wrote:

“Six months have passed since the regime opened fire on protesters on the streets and swamps, dragging men and women out of their homes and killing dozens of children. Today, we mention Ali Ghazlavi, who was only 12 years old, 13-year-old Amir Reza Abdollahi, 15-year-old Armin Ghaderi, and 14-year-old Nikta Esfandani.

“There are many others who never had the opportunity to realize their dreams until the IRGC ended their lives. Although Rouhani promised to release the statistics of Iranians killed by the IRGC, it is not surprising that this promise was nothing more than a lie.

“Friends and families of the victims are waiting for answers in Kermanshah, Fars, Khuzestan, Khorasan, Markazi, and other provinces. Khamenei when will you tell the truth?”

A lawyer named Ahmadi wrote in the Arman daily on 19 May: “The situation is such that this fire, hidden under the ashes, is likely to ignite whenever possible. The events of November 2019 will not be erased from the long-term memory of the Iranian people. The more negative this phenomenon is and the more the authorities do not take steps to clarify and resolve the ambiguities, the more questions will arise in people’s minds.”

On the same day in another article Arman wrote: “From the number of casualties to the behavior with the survivors of the events of November 2019, there are several questions. The important issue is that the questions of the November (events) have become long-term questions, and until there are no reasonable answers to them, these questions will be raised in the long-term memory of the Iranian society.”


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