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Iran workers’ strikes will continue until regime falls

Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani said: “Workers should not allow their demands to become an excuse and an instrument for the enemy and creation of disorder in the country.”
This shows just how scared the Regime is of the workers; why else would they try to intimidate the people?

The latest round of strikes at the Haft Tapeh sugar factory in Shush, Khuzestan province, entered its 22nd day on Monday. The workers are protesting against salary arrears, wages that do not meet the cost of living, the imprisonment of their fellow strikers, and alleged criminal activity by managers.

The workers bravely called out slogans like “The worker dies; he does not accept humiliation”; “death to the oppressor, greetings to the worker”; “imprisoned worker must be freed”; “Steel, Haft Tappeh, unity, unity!”, despite the heavy presence of security forces as Larijani spoke.

Larijani was forced to admit that many workers are struggling to make ends meet and called on the government and the judiciary branch to “immediately” address the workers’ demands, but said that “demands will never be met by turmoil, crisis and actions contrary to public order”.

It is worth noting that the Regime has promised to fix the problems of workers in the past, but the mullahs will often fail to do so or only do so when it has a clear benefit to them.
It was also reported on Monday that the workers have received their back salaries for the period August 23 to 22 September and that three-quarters of the workers arrested on November 18 have been released.

In Ahvaz, where workers of the Ahvaz Steel Mill have been on strike for three weeks, the repressive forces of the regime, including state security forces, anti-riot guards and plainclothes agents, tried to break up the strike with violence. The workers stayed in front of the regime’s governorate in Ahvaz and marched through the surrounding streets, joined by a group of Ahvazi youth.

They chanted slogans like “We stand, we die, we get our rights”; “the worker dies; he does not accept humiliation”; “our enemy is here, they claim falsely that it is the United States” and “government, Mafia, happy marriage!”.

Iran has been inundated with protests over working conditions this year, especially in the key industries of education, mines, transport and steelwork, with most gatherings taking place outside of Tehran. These protests are only growing and will only continue to grow until the Regime has fallen.

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