In this regard, on November 23, the government spokesman Ali Rabiei underscored the necessity of ‘reviewing recent events [protests]’ and emphasized, “The essential reasons for this adventure [protests] including ‘uneasy mentally’ and ‘provoker currents’ still remain and can challenge the country with any new factor.”

Rabiei also underlined the expansion and importance of the recent protests, saying, “This incident will determine our internal political disputes until the 2021 presidential election… and its goal is the subversion of the Islamic Republic,” the state-run newspaper ‘Iran’ quoted Rabiei as saying on November 23.

In these circumstances, the regime faces numerous socioeconomic crises that can spark a new round of protests. However, authorities are incapable of resolving these crises due to widespread mismanagement and corruption, as well as squandering national resources on expensive and adventurous foreign policies. Nonetheless, they blame each other and warn about further protests in the future.

“The incidents of the past days indicated that the marginal areas have become the Achilles heel of social stability. In fact, they are toiler and honorable citizens. The anger, animosity, and hate are the natural produce of marginalizing these people,” ‘Iran’ quoted “reformist” Abbas Abdi on the same date.

No need to say that the authoritarian rule of Iran left no way for the people to reclaim their rights. Even the state-run newspaper “Jomhuri Eslami” featured this truth. On November 23, Jomhuri Eslami wrote, “Officials should consider that the subsistence pressures enforced the people to protest. If there is no specific way to express dissatisfaction, we will witness the repetition of insecurity and chaos… Livelihood dissatisfactions related to the poor strata… [If] the oppressed people took part due to their livelihood pressures, it is a dangerous phenomenon, dangerous!”

The regime’s officials pretend that they could completely suppress the protests, however, they are unable to cover-up their concerns about the next looming round of unrest. Factually, the ruling system is the first cause of the current conditions. Therefore, the people have discovered that a prosperous future of the country depends on bringing the tyranny down. As we witnessed in recent days, the people target the entire regime and its policies in their slogans, chanting, “Death to Rouhani,” “Death to Khamenei,” “neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life only for Iran,” and “Let go of Syria, think about us.”