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Iranian Continue Protests Despite Exhausting Crackdowns – Day 35

The people of Iran continue nationwide protests and strikes against the regime despite exhausting crackdowns and murdering many citizens.

Today, Iranians completed the fifth week of anti-regime protests despite the regime’s exhausting crackdowns. Authorities implemented a bloody suppression in the past 35 days, killing hundreds of citizens, injuring thousands, and detaining many more.

However, the regime has failed to quell demonstrations. Many merchants, petrochemical employees, and other strata supported protests through strikes. Furthermore, college and school students ceaselessly continue anti-regime rallies and marches in various cities.

Meanwhile, citizens chant anti-regime slogans every night in Tehran and other metropolitan cities. The continuation of protests in Tehran signals the regime’s vulnerability versus outraged citizens and inspires millions of people across the country.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK), protests have expanded to 193 cities. The regime’s security forces have killed over 400 citizens and detained more than 20,000. The MEK has published the names and specifications of 241 martyrs.

Wednesday Protests Continued Until the Early Hours of Thursday, Day 35

Footage provided by activists shows that anti-regime demonstrations in several cities continued from late Wednesday to the early hours of Thursday. In addition to rallies and marches, citizens widely write anti-regime slogans in public areas.

In Gilan, defiant youths attacked the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) local base in Langarud city, responding to the regime’s bloodshed and atrocities.

Furthermore, defiant youths attacked and torched an IRGC paramilitary Basij forces’ base in Sanandaj, following the regime’s crimes against protesters across Iran.

In Alborz, protesters set a security forces’ station ablaze in Karaj in the early hours after midnight. Notably, the regime has murdered several teenagers in this city during the bloody crackdown on protesters.

Other Strata Continue Anti-Regime Protests

In Razavi Khorasan, medical personnel rallied outside the Medical Council in Mashhad, chanting:

—Death to the dictator!

—We don’t want a child-killing government!

Strikes Continue in Support of Nationwide Protests

On the 35th day of protests, merchants in Firuzabad, Fars province, and Entekhab Co employees joined the nationwide demonstrations. Petrochemical workers in several plants in Bushehr, Hormozgan, and Khuzestan are reportedly on strike.

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