On May 11, the people of Iran held at least 11 rallies, protests, and strikes in various cities, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies. Teachers continued their consecutive rallies in front of the Parliament (Majlis) demanding officials recruit them.

Furthermore, students once again rallied in at least three cities protesting educational officials’ decision to hold in-person exams amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Also, municipal workers staged rallies and sit-ins in different cities demanding their overdue salaries.

Rally of Teachers

Tehran province—on Tuesday, May 11, for the third day in a row, teachers gathered in front of the Majlis protesting the Education Ministry’s refusal to recruit them.

According to official statistics, around 25,000 college-graduated teachers across Iran have recently passed the employment tests and received their certifications. They are known as green-certificate holders. However, the ministry has broken its prior promises about recruiting these people prompting their anger.

Rally of Municipal Workers

Khuzestan province—on Tuesday, May 11, municipal workers affiliated with the Arvandkenar Municipality held a rally in front of the local City Council. They protested officials’ failure to pay their salaries and arrears.

Also, municipal workers in Khorramshahr staged a rally in front of the local Governorate. They blamed officials for failing to pay their salaries for several months.

Protesters had listed their arrears and unpaid salaries and bonuses on a placard. They have not received their salaries while they sincerely continued their services amidst the coronavirus outbreak, which severely impacted people’s lives and livelihoods.

Student Protests in Different Cities

Khuzestan province—high-school students once again held a rally in front of Izeh Education Department. They declared their objection toward in-person exams.

Education officials insist on holding in-person exams while Covid-19 claims more lives each day. “Online education, online exam,” students chanted.

Furthermore, students in Khorramshahr gathered in front of the local education department protesting in-person exams. At the end of their rally, students declared that they would hold a bigger rally on Saturday.

Fars province—high-school students held a rally in Shiraz protesting officials’ decision to hold in-person exams endangering the lives of students, teachers, and their families.

Rally of Teachers

Fars and Isfahan province—teachers in the Zarrinshahr district, a suburb of Shiraz in Fars province, and Isfahan city held rallies in front of the education departments. They protested officials’ failure to pay their overdue salaries.

They demanded officials implement the plan for ranking teachers based on their services. Protesters also vented their anger over the government’s oppressive policies and performances. “The prison is not a place for teachers,” they said condemning the arrest of teachers.

Sit-in of Contract Municipal Workers

Kurdistan province—municipal workers of Qarveh city staged a sit-in at the local municipality’s site. They protested officials’ failure to balance their salaries.

“After 20-25 years of working experience, our job conditions are still bleak. Since 2019, there are two directives about our job conditions. However, they were not applied due to sabotage of employment section and flaws in financial affairs,” workers said.

During their sit-in, the new Mayor Abbas Sonnati approached the protesters and promised to resolve workers’ dilemmas. However, workers say that the City Council has dealt with their difficulties with indifference, and its members even avoided attending the sit-in.

Rally of Urban Train Staff

Fars province—a group of urban train forces in Shiraz held a rally in front of the Urban Train building. They protested officials’ failure to pay their salaries and pensions.

Rally of Health Staff

Khuzestan province—health and medical staff of the Nezam Mafi hospital in Shush staged a rally in front of the hospital. They protested officials’ failure to pay their salaries and clarify the fate of previous directives over their job conditions.

They demanded officials follow up their job and living conditions. Despite the invaluable efforts of health and medical staff amidst the coronavirus outbreak, the officials have failed to resolve their fundamental difficulties and even pay their meager salaries.