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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Eight Rallies and Strikes on February 6

On February 6, Iranian citizens held at least eight protests, venting their anger over officials' oppressive and plundering policies.

On Saturday, February 6, Iranian citizens staged at least eight rallies and protests, blaming officials for inaction and irresponsible policies, which have spread poverty and misery in society. Workers had the lion’s share in the February 6 protests.

Many protesters declared their disappointment about government-linked organizations and officials’ performance.

Contractor forces, toll workers, farmers, municipal workers, HEPCO workers, members of the Housing Cooperative, contractors and creditors, and retirees held these protests.

Rally of Contract Forces—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Contract Forces

Khuzestan province—around 300 contract workers affiliated with the company of Non-industrial Operations and Petrochemical Industry Services in the city of Bandar Mhahshahr rallied in front of the Besat town’s Security Office.

They protested the company’s managing board for failing to implement the plan of classifying careers. They demanded employers completely fulfill the plan in the company.

In what was widely believed to be a publicity stunt, the government had previously passed a plan to classify careers. Workers hoped that the plan would ease their dilemmas. However, the plan remained on paper and impoverished employees and workers gained nothing in practice.

Since then, workers have frequently called on officials to respect their own promises. However, officials have responded to protesters’ demands with indifference.

Rally of Toll Workers—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Toll Workers

Qazvin province—toll workers held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate, protesting officials’ failure to follow up their demands. In the past year, the government fired a number of toll workers to decrease its expenses.

On the other hand, despite the initial promises for recruiting new forces, the government acknowledged dozens of jobseekers to register themselves for unemployment insurance.

While the coronavirus outbreak has severely affected people’s living conditions and caused the prices of essential goods to soar, such irresponsible decisions have prompted people’s anger over the entire ruling system and its economic failures.

Rally of Farmers—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Farmers

Isfahan province—farmers of the Jambazeh village in the Varzaneh district held a rally at the village’s mosque. Farmers protested officials’ failure to follow up on their water rights. They blamed officials for unkept promises and the unclear conditions of their demands.

They designated February 10 as a deadline and announced that they will rally in front of the Provincial Governorate if officials did not meet their demands by then.

“Why have we gathered here today? We will coordinate with all farmers, send SMS to them, and call on them to hold a grand gathering to clarify our conditions. We wait until February 10. But if officials do not respond to our grievances, I swear that all farmers will gather in front of the Provincial Governorate and the Water Organization to gain our rights,” a worker said.

“I want my [water] right. There is water for the Yazd province and Steel [Foulad] Company but there is no water for us. We do not talk about potable water… Do we not have a right to our province’s water? Aren’t we farmers?… We will send SMS to all to come [and protest] after February 10,” the protester added.

In recent months, farmers of Varzaneh district time and again rallied in front of government offices, demanding their water rights. However, officials give farmers nothing, which endangers farmers’ businesses severely. Due to the government’s inaction, farmers could not start spring planting. Furthermore, they have faced drought, and their production is on the verge of annihilation.

Rally of Municipal Workers—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Municipal Workers

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province—workers of Sisakht’s Municipality, a suburb of Yasouj city, held a rally in front of the municipality.

Workers protested officials’ failure to pay their salaries for ten months. Since mid-May 2020, these workers have yet to receive their meager paychecks. This is while the prices of essential goods are continuously rising, and many people, particularly working families, have dramatically lost their purchasing power.

Recently, state-run media revealed that more than 90 percent of working families face economic dilemmas. Government-linked statistic centers estimate the poverty line to be $400 in the best-case scenario. However, many people receive several times less than this amount as a monthly salary. Currently, more than 60 million of Iran’s population live below the poverty line.

“The poverty and economic impasses have convinced the people and even children that death is easier than remaining alive in such quagmire of poverty and misery,” Jahan-e Sanat daily wrote on February 3.

Rally of HEPCO Workers—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of HEPCO Workers

Tehran province—a group of Markazi province-based HEPCO company traveled to Tehran and rallied in front of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security on behalf of their colleagues.

“Once again, we intend to raise our voices to relevant officials on behalf of the noble workers of HEPCO company. By participating in front of the Ministry of Labor, the Parliament (Majlis), and the Social Security Organization, we demand officials accelerate implementing their promises,” workers said.

“Officials would like to ignore problems by burning opportunities and buying time once again,” workers added.

Simultaneously, workers rallied at the Bakhtiari Bridge in Arak city, the capital of Markazi province, to support their representatives in Tehran.

Rally of Housing Cooperative Members—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Housing Cooperative Members

Kurdistan province—in tandem with Vice-President Mohammad Bagher Nobakht’s trip to the province, members of the Agriculture Office’s Housing Cooperative held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate.

They protested a halt to housing projects after around 15 years. This cooperative has more than 1,000 members. For 15 years, these people have waited to receive their registered and promised houses. However, the institution has yet to clarify when it is supposed to deliver the residential units.

Rally of Contractors and Creditors—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Contractors and Creditors

Mazandaran province—contractors and creditors of the Sari Municipality held a rally in front of this organization. They protested municipality officials for plundering their properties and refusing to pay their rights.

The State Security Forces (SSF) tried to disperse protesters instead of confronting corrupt officials. However, protesters insisted on their rights and continued their rally.

“Sari Mayor, we do not pursue political aims! But, but, but we have lost our properties. Is it fair that you do not pay our arrears while society is under economic pressure? We have nothing to eat!” protesters had written on a banner.

Rally of Social Security Retirees—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 6

Rally of Social Security Retirees

Eastern Azarbaijan province—retirees of the Social Security Organization held a rally in front of the Retiree Center in Tabriz city, the province’s capital.

“The Retirees Center’s officials have done nothing for us. If they had done anything, why should we hold a gathering? They did not carry out our demands. Whenever we talk with them, they bring a thick file, saying, ‘we have written enormous letters.’ What is the value of these letters? We want an outcome. Our wages have not been paid… If they can pursue our demands, they can remain in their position; otherwise, go away to let people who work for us to come in your place,” said a protester.

“For five-six months, we are holding these gatherings in front of different offices. A retiree always remains oppressed. On January 25, retirees were supposed to hold a gathering in front of the Provincial Governorate. A day earlier, Retirees Center CEO Mr. Sadeghzadeh went to the governorate and received permission for a gathering and held a rally in front of the Planning and Budget Organization,” said a protester blaming the CEO for trying to break apart protesters’ unity.

“Mr. Sadeghzadeh, in the past six months, which gathering did you attend? When did you participate in front of the Social Security Organization’s rallies? Which gathering in front of the Provincial Governorate did you attend?” the protester added.

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