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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Five Rallies and Strikes on January 14

On January 14, Iranian citizens continued their protests against the regime's mismanagement through at least five rallies and strikes.

In Iran, people have to struggle for their basic necessities due to the regime’s horrible policies and performances. In response, citizens see protests as the main instrument to achieve their inherent rights.

On January 14, Iranians held at least five rallies and strikes to vent their anger at the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies, which have brought poverty, misery, and hunger for the majority of Iran’s population.

Long Queues for Cooking Gas

Long Queues for Cooking Gas

Kerman province—in the city of Shahdad, citizens have to stand in long queues for cooking gas despite coronavirus risks. This issue prompted the people’s wrath against the regime’s mismanagement and inability to provide essential goods.

“What is going on here? Despite the cold weather and the coronavirus, the government cannot resolve the people’s dilemmas. I have taken a gas container with myself, but I cannot yet obtain cooking gas,” said a citizen.

“For two months, we are struggling to gain a gas container, but we have gotten nothing,” said another citizen.

“For more than a month, they did not provide gas. Now, they say do not gather due to the coronavirus. After one month, they have eventually brought cooking gas, but this is the people’s situation,” said a woman.

Why Has Vegetable Oil Become Scarce in Iran?

“The vehicle came at 1:00 pm. Now, it’s 7:00 pm. We are still waiting for gas. However, there is neither gas nor anything else,” another citizen said.

“For around 20 or 25 days, I put my container and reserved my spot for collecting gas. From noon, I came here, and I am waiting for gas. However, I got nothing,” said a citizen.

“For six days, our oil has finished. We are four-five people at home, but we have nothing,” said another citizen.

“The [government] was supposed to give us oil monthly. Later, they set the period for every two months. Currently, it has lasted 45 days, and there is no information,” another one said.

Rally of Contractors

Rally of Contractors

Zanjan province—a group of contractors affiliated with the Zanjan Municipality held a rally in front of the City Council. They demanded officials settle their overdue wages.

Citizens say that the municipality repeatedly refused to pay workers and seasonal workers on time. In this context, this toiler stratum has time and again rallied in front of the Provincial Governorate. However, the workers have yet to achieve their rights.

Miners’ Strike, Day Three

Miners’ Strike, Day Three

Kerman province—for the third consecutive day, miners of the Ruy Gojahr mine in Ravar district continued their strike. They protested officials’ failure to resolve the problem of low wages and lack of job security.

“With a child, I [monthly] receive 32 million rials [$128],” said a worker, complaining to officials for heavy living expenditures and low salaries. Around 220 workers are employed at this mine with similar dilemmas.

Rally of Merchants

Rally of Merchants

Mazandaran province—a group of merchants in Babolsar city held a rally in front and inside of the local Governorate. They protested officials’ mismanagement.

In recent weeks, people from different walks of life have been harmed by the regime’s mismanagement. Particularly, the officials have left society while citizens’ life is severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In this respect, many people blatantly express their anger against the corrupt system through rallies or strikes.

Locals Protest Officials’ Policies

Locals Protest Officials’ Policies

Tehran province—owners of Kouh Sefid properties in Robat Karim district held a rally, protesting the regime’s illegal performances. Recently, the Organization of Natural Resources has unilaterally made and performed a series of decisions that violate owners’ rights.

In their rally, impoverished citizens once again resorted to protests, compelling officials to recognize their inherent rights. In response to the mullahs’ illegal and oppressive approaches, the people of Iran have well grasped that the regime merely understands the language of power and firmness.

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