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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Five Rallies and Strikes on March 8

On March 8, Iranian citizens held at least five rallies and protests in various cities, venting their anger over the regime's mismanagement.

On Monday, March 8, citizens in Iran held at least five rallies and protests in different cities over officials’ failure to meet their inherent demands.

Azvico customers, oil workers, confectioners, and railroad workers staged these protests and rallies. The continuation of these rallies and strikes shows the people’s anger at the regime’s failure in different aspects, including socioeconomic areas.

Rally of Azvico Customers—Iranians continue protests on March 8

Rally of Azvico Customers

Tehran province—customers of the Eastern Azarbaijan-based Azvico automaking company held a rally in front of the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade. They protested the state-backed company for failing to deliver protesters’ cars after more than two years.

In 2018, these people registered and pre-purchased 6,000 MG360 cars. After more than two years, the company has recently announced that it does not have any production. In response, protesters chanted, “Our enemy is [CEO Nasser] Naghdi” and “Death to Naghdi and his ilk.”

Notably, the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Coordinator Mohammad Reza Naghdi is one of the main shareholders of Azvico. Due to IRGC Coordinator’s influence, the government failed to demand that the company return more than $200 million of state funds.

According to social media activists, some IRGC commanders like Fateh Fathi had funded Ebrahim Raisi’s Presidential Campaign in 2017, which excluded their corruption from scrutiny after Raisi became Iran’s Judiciary Chief.

Rally of Oil Company Workers—Iranians continue protests on March 8

Rally of Oil Company Workers

Khuzestan province—workers of the Oil Company held a rally in front of the local Governorate in Mahshahr. Protesters are working at the distributing section.

They protested officials for failing to pay their overdue salaries and to implement the plan for classifying careers. “Take serious following up the workers’ dilemmas” and “We are ashamed in front of our families,” was written on protesters’ banners.

Confectioners Protest—Iranians continue protests on March 8

Confectioners Protest

Zanjan province—confectioners expressed their disappointment about a sudden increase in the price of raw materials and other items, which has imposed massive disadvantages to these people.

Head of Confectioners Association Rasoul Mohammadi acknowledged that the confectioners are reluctant to buy government sugar. “There is no difference between the price of sugar offered by the government with sugar they can provide from the free market. Meanwhile, this unprecedented increase in the prices has made disadvantages for confectioners,” he said.

“The increase in the price of the raw materials, including flour, eggs, edible oil, sugar, and other items has contributed to disadvantages for confectioners. This is while there is no shortage in the market,” Mohammadi added.

Notably, during the past year, many people have lost their careers or earnings due to the coronavirus outbreak. Furthermore, overwhelming prices of raw materials have created enormous dilemmas for different strata, including confectioneries, bakeries, and factories. Economic problems have also caused a decline in consumers.

On the other hand, the officials provide no support for these strata amidst the Covid-19 crisis, pushing many people to shut down their businesses.

Rally of Railroad Workers—Iranians continue protests on March 8

Rally of Railroad Workers

Lorestan province—railroad workers in the areas of Zagros mountains and Lorestan province staged a gathering in front of the Provincial Railroad Office. They protested officials’ failure to pay their salaries and Nowruz (Persian New Year) bonus.

Following officials’ negligence about workers’ demands, workers stopped working, launched a strike, and gathered in front of the railroad office.

According to sources familiar with the workers’ dilemmas, there are around 900 railroad workers in Lorestan Traverse and 300 workers in Zagros Traverse. “Our wage claims have yet to be paid since late December 2020… Also, we did not receive our clothes rights and coupons for the holy month of Ramadan [fasting month in Islam],” workers said.

Rally of Noor-Abad Railroad Workers—Iranians continue protests on March 8

Rally of Noor-Abad Railroad Workers

Markazi province—railroad workers in Noor-Abad station in Arak stopped working and launched a strike. They protested officials’ failure to pay their salaries and privileges for several months.

Notably, in recent weeks, many railroad workers have launched several strikes in various areas, including Lorestan-Zagros Traverse, Varamin in Tehran province, etc.

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