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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Four Rallies and Strikes on February 10

On February 10, Iranian citizens held at least four rallies and protests, venting their anger over the regime's plundering policies.

On Wednesday, February 10, citizens in Iran held at least four rallies and protests in various cities. Residents of Lorestan province staged two gatherings, venting their anger at the regime in its entirety.

A brave old woman in Pol Dokhtar city, Lorestan province, grabbed the collar of Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Bagher Nobakht and shouted at him, striking down the regime’s indifference toward flood-stricken residents’ sufferings in these areas.

Flood-stricken people, landowners, Water Organization staff, and toll workers staged the February 10 protests. The continuation of these protests shows society’s readiness for another round of nationwide protests.

Rally of Flood-Stricken Residents—Iranians continue protests on February 10

Rally of Flood-Stricken Residents

Lorestan province—residents of Takht-e Ab village in Pol Dokhtar district held a rally in front of the local Governorate and Bonyad-e Maskan [Housing Institution] in Pol Dokhtar city. They protested officials for the slow process of constructing and strengthening their houses.

Notably, Takht-e Ab village was one of the flood-stricken areas during recent flash floods in the central and southern areas of Iran. “If [officials] do not pay attention to villagers’ problem, villagers would show a stronger response in the upcoming days,” said a local man.

On the other hand, during the trip of Mohammad Bagher Nobakht, Vice-President and head of Planning and Budget Organization, to Pol Dokhtar city, flood-stricken people approached him. While Nobakht’s security guards prohibited citizens from approaching him, an older woman grabbed the Vice-President’s collar and shouted at him.

Rally of Landowners—Iranians continue protests on February 10

Rally of Landowners

Lorestan province—residents of Nour-Abad district held a rally at the City Council’s yard once again. They protested officials for the illegal confiscation of their lands under bogus pretenses.

“The government has confiscated our lands, changed their objective, and used them for urban purposes while it neither pays the price nor satisfies landowners,” said protesters.

Notably, the regime impounded these lands 13 years ago, and these impoverished people are pursuing to gain their rights by then. However, landowners say that “No one is accountable.” This issue has prompted residents’ ire, and concerns about their properties’ fate prompted them to protest constantly.

Earlier, on January 28, Nour-Abad’s residents gathered at their properties to express their disappointment over the officials’ indifference.

Rally of Water Organization Staff—Iranians continue protests on February 10

Rally of Water Organization Staff

Khuzestan province—a group of staff of Ramshir city’s Water and Sewage Organization held a rally in front of this organization. They protested officials for failing to pay their overdue salaries for seven months.

“Imagine seven months of life without salaries and pensions… So, where is the Justice? Who is accountable?” protesters had written on a banner.

Rally of Toll Workers – Day–Four—Iranians continue protests on February 10

Rally of Toll Workers – Day–Four

Qazvin province—toll workers continued their rally in front of the Provincial Governorate for the fourth consecutive day. It was supposed that the regime would clarify the condition of toll workers by January 20.

Nonetheless, officials have yet to decide about these people and their careers’ future is bleak. Notably, the government had previously vowed to recruit new forces. However, not only did officials not hire new forces but also dismissed several workers amidst the coronavirus outbreak to compensate for their budget deficits.

Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Six Rallies and Strikes on February 9

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