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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Four Rallies and Strikes on February 2

On February 2, Iranian citizens from different classes held at least four rallies and strikes, protesting the regime's plundering policies.

On Tuesday, February 2, Iranian citizens continued their protests against the regime’s plundering and profiteering policies in various cities. In this respect, different classes of society held at least four rallies in the provinces of Razavi Khorasan, Tehran, and Yazd.

Creditors, retirees, impoverished citizens, and shareholders of the Tehran Stock Market organized these gatherings. In Mashhad, a large crowd had gathered in front of Padideh Credit Institution, blaming managers for looting their properties. Notably, this institution is one of the subsidiaries of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), established by a former IRGC member Mohsen Pahlevan in February 2004.

On July 24, 2019, Pahlevan was sentenced to life imprisonment for economic crimes. He was claiming that he was a “fundraiser.” However, many people who had invested their money in this institution have yet to receive their properties, and the fate of their investments is bleak.

In Tehran, oppressive forces prohibited stockholders from rallying in front of the Bourse Organization, pushing them to gather at another place. However, they did not give in and continued their protest, chanting, “Death to the economic criminals.”

Rally of Creditors—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 2

Rally of Creditors

Razavi Khorasan province—creditors of Padideh credit institution in Mashhad held a rally in front of the institution’s bureau. They protested officials for plundering their properties.

“Imprudent manager, resign, resign” and “Our money has been looted and spent on managers’ expenditures,” protesters had written on banners.

Rally of Homa Airlines Company’s Retirees—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 2

Rally of Homa Airlines Company’s Retirees

Tehran province—retirees of the Iran National Airlines Corporation (HOMA) held a rally in front of the HOMA company. They protested officials’ failure to pay their overdue pensions and follow up their demands.

“Promises are enough, our food baskets are empty” and “Imprudent officials must be fired,” protesters chanted. Protesters also demanded balancing the salaries. They had written their demands on a big banner.

“We retirees of HOMA company urge justice in the issue of wage balancing, which had been passed by the government. We would not give in until we obtain our rights. We will attend future gatherings in larger numbers if our demands are not met. We would never accept oppression and injustice,” protesters had written on their banner.

Citizens Protest Air Pollution—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 2

Citizens Protest Air Pollution

Yazd province—locals of Tork-Abad district in a suburb of Ardakan city held a rally, protesting air pollution. “For a long while, Ardakan Industrial Town has led the companies’ sewage into the city’s aqueducts,” said protesters.

“They have filled aqueducts with sewage and destroyed aquifers. Currently, industrial sewage passes next to the city like floods, and its stink has brought severe problems for the region’s residents,” protesters added.

“Furthermore, factories’ noise and air pollution have exhausted the people. Citizens complained to officials for the establishment of new factories in the vicinity of the region’s seasonal river and their residential homes,” they continued.

In response, the managers of this industrial town have done nothing, which prompted citizens’ anger. “Do whatever you want,” one of the managers of these factories had told protesters.

Rally of Bourse Shareholders—Iranian citizens continue protests on February 2

Rally of Bourse Shareholders

Tehran province—shareholders of Tehran Stock Market (Bourse) held a rally at Vanak Street after the State Security Forces (SSF) prevented them from gathering in front of the Bourse Organization’s building. “Death to the economic criminal,” protesters chanted.

Notably, the Tehran Stock Market faced a 30,000 point drop on Tuesday, February 2. Back on January 16, Parliament (Majlis) Deputy Speaker Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi explained how the regime has taken advantage of the country’s stock market.

“The government has been inadequate, has had misconduct, and has taken advantage of the stock market,” the state-run Mehr News Agency quoted him as saying.

Previously, high-ranking officials, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani, encouraged citizens to invest in the Stock Market. They compensated the government’s massive budget deficits by using people’s investments.

Therefore, both the regime’s factions had been involving in the bourse bankruptcy and misleading citizens. However, Iran watchers say, currently, the factions blame each other in political stunts to gain more political privileges for the upcoming Presidential election in June.

Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Five Rallies and Strikes on February 1

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