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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Four Rallies and Strikes on January 17

On January 17, Iranians from different walks of life continued their protests to achieve their inherent rights.

Iranian people continued their protests on January 17, despite the coronavirus pandemic and the regime’s oppressive measures. In this respect, citizens demanded their fundamental rights through at least four rallies and protests in different cities.

Disabled people, impoverished landowners, truck drivers, and fishermen took part in these rallies. They blamed the mullahs for their irresponsible policies, which have brought poverty and misery for millions of Iranians from different classes.

Rally of Disabled People

Rally of Disabled People

Eastern Azarbaijan province—a group of disabled people held a rally in front of the Welfare Office in Jolfa county. They complained to officials for failing to pay attention to disabled people’s problems in outlying areas.

They also criticized the Welfare Office’s policies, which have deprived them of adequate support. Protesters demanded the office release its expenditures with transparency. They called on officials to make clear how the Welfare Office has spent public aid, particularly financial aid provided by the Organization of Aras Free Zone.

Locals Protest Judiciary’s Plundering

Locals Protest Judiciary’s Plundering

Kermanshah province—owners of the judiciary housing cooperative’s lands in Azadegan square held a rally in front of the Provincial Governorate.

Around 12 years ago, the judiciary housing cooperative allocated these lands to some citizens. According to the commission of Article 5, the institution issued single-paper ownership documents for these people.

However, the judiciary still refuses to issue necessary licenses for construction, which has left the owners stranded. In this regard, owners called on provincial officials to become involved in the issue and resolve their dilemmas.

Rally of Truck Drivers

Rally of Truck Drivers

Sistan and Baluchestan province—to protest the cut off of heavy vehicles’ fuel quota, truck drivers held a rally in front of the local Governorate in Saravan city.

Recently, the regime’s executive firms expired the truck drivers’ cards for receiving fuel quota. This issue raised these people’s anger, pushing them to rally and protest.

Notably, on January 9, the regime cut the fuel quota of truckers and dump truckers in Ghasr-e Ghand county, in Sistan and Baluchestan province alike. At the time, these impoverished people rallied in front of the Chabahar Oil Company to voice their protests.

Such oppressive and plundering policies by the regime have led many people to unemployment. For instance, the cut-off of the truck drivers’ fuel quota in Ghasr-e Ghand county put the employment of 300 breadwinners at risk. This is while many people have lost their careers due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Iranian families face rampant inflation and high prices.

Rally of Fishermen

Rally of Fishermen

Khuzestan province—a group of fishermen in Arvandkenar district held a rally in front of the local Governorate. They protested officials’ failure to resolve their dilemmas.

“Unfortunately, the Arvandkenar Fisheries Office has yet to resolve fishermen’s dilemmas after several years,” said a fisherman, adding, “The most important demands of fisher community, including sailors and crew, are receiving ultra-pensions for hard and risky jobs, allocating financial resources for paying insurance rights, and issuing fisherman cards for young sailors who are above 23 years old.”

“In this region, the people have no source of income but fishing. Officials must pay attention to [our] poor living conditions and not allow fishing trawlers to work,” the fisherman added.

Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Three Rallies and Strikes on January 16

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