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Iranians Continue Protests; at Least Nine Rallies and Strikes on January 24

On January 24, Iranians from different walks of life held at least nine rallies and strikes to vent their anger at the regime's policies.

On January 24, Iranian citizens from different walks of life staged at least nine rallies and strikes, protesting the regime’s oppressive and plundering policies.

Scientific board members of Azad University, toiler truckers, oral health graduates, medical staff, workers, railroad employees and workers, teachers, and ordinary people held these protests. In Iranshahr city, Sistan and Baluchestan province, oppressive forces cruelly targeted innocent people for transferring some barrels of gas, which prompted locals’ hatred and ire.

Furthermore, fed-up people once again gathered in front of government-linked bureaus and offices to vent their anger at officials’ indifference and inability to resolve their dilemmas.

Rally of Scientific Board Members

Rally of Scientific Board Members

Eastern Azarbaijan province—in Bonab county, members of the scientific board and staff of the Azad University held a gathering at the university facility. They protested officials for their failure to pay their salaries for two months.

In their gathering in front of the building of the Student and Cultural Deputy, protesters called on officials to pay their overdue paychecks as soon as possible. They held placards, reading, “Our living conditions are dire.” Notably, due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have severely been affected. However, the regime has refused to provide substantial support for citizens.

Rally of Truck Drivers

Rally of Truck Drivers

Yazd province—truck drivers of Shahdab company, which is active in Anumali Shomali mine, stopped working and launched a strike. Following the strike, employers affiliated with the Mines of Falat-e Markazi (Central Plateau) complex prevented truckers from entering the facility. In this respect, protesting drivers held a rally in front of Bafq city’s Governorate.

“Super-heavy drivers are working at this mine with a basic salary of 19 million rials [$76],” said a driver, adding, “Our monthly earn is 30 and 45 million rials [$120-180] and it finally reached 50 million [$200].” Notably, the poverty line in Iran is 100 million rials [$400], according to official statistics. This means that heavy drivers receive half of this money in the best-case scenario despite their hard job.

“For nine months, we are continuing our job based on promises,” a trucker said. He also explained the hard problems during the recruitment of new workers and a longstanding process for getting influential officials’ signatures.

“Drivers work in three shifts with just a 20-minute break. We must work with 100-ton dumpers, 1050-ton excavators with a meager salary,” said a young driver, adding, “The employers have imported ‘training’ but are it possible that a worker with ten years of experience still remains ‘training!’ This is while we have passed 15-day training without salary.”

“The CEO has guilt-tripped us, saying that if my departure would not result in cutting your earnings, I would have definitely left here. We say to him that ‘If he does not collect money enough, so leave here,’” said another protester, adding, “Currently, we do not sign any contract until the city’s officials implement the law… The employers boast about the implementation of job classification before the deadline. However, they have done nothing as of today.”

Rally of Oral Health Graduates

Rally of Oral Health Graduates

Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province—a group of oral health graduates held a gathering in front of the Provincial Governorate. They protested officials’ failure to recruit them.

“We are graduates of oral health faculty from Yasouj Medical Sciences University. According to our scholarship, we were obligated to serve underprivileged areas for six years. We graduated in 2018, and we had should immediately be hired based on our commitment,” said a protester.

“However, following the former minister’s resignation, who was a supporter of this faculty, the conditions have changed, and the government has postponed the implementation of our obligation regarding rural areas,” the graduate protester added.

Rally of Milad Hospital Staff

Rally of Milad Hospital Staff

Tehran province—for the second time medical and health staff of the Milad hospital held a rally at the facility. Protesters blamed officials for reducing their salaries and insulting staff.

“The award for sacrifice is not obscene and reduction of paychecks,” staff chanted during their rally. “Raising the salaries is our absolute right,” selfless staff added.

Rally of Workers and Miners

Rally of Workers and Miners

Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province—a group of workers and employees of the Cyber Company at Biragan county in Kouhrang district held a rally at the facility. They protested the regime-backed managers for firing their colleagues and recruiting non-native forces.

Protesters also blamed employers for failing to pay their salaries for at least nine months, in addition to their regular pensions for the new year.

Strike of Railroad Workers

Strike of Railroad Workers

Markazi province—workers of Arak Nour-Abad and Moshg-Abad railroad stopped working and launched a strike. They protested officials’ failure to pay their arrears, salaries, and insurance rights for several months.

Notably, due to high prices and rampant inflation originated from the coronavirus outbreak, many people face economic dilemmas. However, the regime does nothing to ease the hardship of citizens, particularly working families.

Rally of Oppressed Locals in Iranshahr

Rally of Oppressed Locals in Iranshahr

Sistan and Baluchestan province—following the regime’s brutal attack on locals and merchants in Iranshahr city, locals held a rally in front of the Jame Nour mosque. In their rally, the people severely condemned the State Security Forces’ cruelty.

Notably, a day earlier, the SSF had attacked defenseless citizens and targeted them with live ammunition. In a video obtained by locals, audiences were expressed their fury against the regime’s crimes. “These are impoverished people and those, who were shooting, are the mercenaries of [Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei. God damn the dictator! Death to the dictator,” a citizen reported.

“Here, only families are living. There are just women and children,” said another eyewitness.

Previously, Khamenei’s representative Mostafa Mohami had dispatched agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to destroy the foundation of an uncompleted mosque belongs to Sunni minorities.

Due to authorities’ outdated thoughts, followers of ethnic and religious minorities face additional pressure, and they are usually exposed to the regime and its oppressive apparatuses’ harassment and systematic discrimination.

Furthermore, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), strongly condemned the regime’s crime in Iranshahr city. “Hail to the courageous youths in Iranshahr, southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan Province in Iran. I strongly condemn the brutal attacks on the residents of this city and the destruction of the Sunni Mosque there. I urge the young people to support them,” she tweeted.

“The mullahs ruling Iran are trying in vain to prevent the protests and uprising of the impoverished people of Baluchistan by executions, attacks, and destruction of their mosques. These criminal actions will only fuel their anger and hatred of the regime,” Rajavi added.

Rally of Literacy Movement and Preschool Educators

Rally of Literacy Movement and Preschool Educators

Lorestan province—a group of the Literacy Movement teachers and preschool educators in Alashtar county held a rally in front of the local Education Department. They protested officials’ for failing to recruit them despite their longstanding work experience.

“Those who are silent versus the tyranny, they are part of the tyranny,” said a woman. “Woe to this injustice,” protesters have written on banners.

When educators saw one of the education official’s car, they ran toward the car and sat in front of his car. Later, they chanted against him, preventing him from fleeing. “Woe to this injustice,” protesters chanted.

Rally of Contract Teachers and Preschool Educators

Rally of Contract Teachers

Kerman province—contract teachers and the Literacy Movement educators in Sirjan held a gathering in front of the local education department. They protested officials for the unclear process of recruitment and the condition of summer courses.

They demanded officials resolve their dilemmas as soon as possible. Notably, in recent weeks, members of the Literacy Movement and preschool educators have time and again rallied and protested in various provinces. In their latest rally, these noble people gathered in front of the Parliament (Majlis) to vent their anger at the regime’s indifference. However, they received no attention once again.

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