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Iran’s Regime Fears A Certain Rupture

Iran's people took to the streets to voice their opposition against the hardline government

Iran’s state media, affiliated to both factions of the regime, are warning each other about the collapsing situation of the country and blaming the opposite side for this situation.

The Mardom Salari daily is pointing to a situation in which, “the trust between the nation and the government should be completely destroyed”, and however there is not the possibility of, “Trial and error opportunity” did not exist anymore and, “we need to be realistic to prevent social disintegration and fundamental change in domestic policy, transparency and how to interact with society, and have changes in international politics.” (Mardom Salari, 17 September)

During the JCPOA, the regime retreated in its nuclear case, so that it might be able to pull the economy out of the impasse and prevent it from collapsing, but not only did this not happen, but the result of the current stalemate is the implementation of the trigger mechanism (snapback), by the U.S. government, while the economy is on the verge of collapse.

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Like the countries, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said: “Now, in the JCPOA, a lot of damage has been done to us in this regard.” (State TV Channel 3, 31 July)

Now in foreign policy, especially in the face of current US policy, which is now a poison chalice for the regime, Khamenei added: “The enemy says let’s negotiate, it means to let you sit at the negotiating table, we will tell you, sir, you should not build a missile, you must also accept it, and if you accepted that, this will be a good lesson for you, that means you will make yourself defenseless if you did not accept, this game will continue, and again strife, sanctions and again the threat of negotiations, and at least that what I say. And that is the reason why we are not negotiating with the US, he will be the winner.” (State TV Channel 3, 31 July)

In relation to domestic politics and dealing with the people, any retreat is to the detriment of the regime and to the benefit of the people. Arman daily wrote: “The threshold of society’s tolerance is being filled by a multitude of livelihood problems along with a lack of civil and social freedoms and other challenges.” (Arman daily, 17 September)

In recent years the people have gone beyond ‘disobedience and lawlessness’, as the state-run daily Etemad on 17 September wrote, and the people are trying to overthrow the regime, as before with the slogan ‘Death to Velayat-e Faqih, Death to Khamenei, Death to the Islamic Republic’, openly denying the integrity of the system.

The Iranian people, who, according to the Etemad daily, circumvent the law, are protesting not only against the law and the cumbersome rules imposed on them by the regime but also against the entire system that has achieved nothing but suppressing them and looting their wealthy for more than four decades.

It is not without reason that the Shargh daily on 19 September, about the anger and hatred of the impoverished public, wrote: “What took Rouhani administration’s breath was the loss of the trust of the poor. So far, none of the current and former government officials and political currents have made any serious reference to the lost trust of the poor, as none of these political currents represents the real interests of the masses.”

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