On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, the Economic and Social Council of the UN General Assembly voted to expel the mullahs’ regime from the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The resolution was approved after the women-led revolution in Iran lasted three months and the loss of hundreds of lives, including a significant number of women and girls.

The Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran led by President-elect Maryam Rajavi welcomed the regime’s removal from the CSW. “The religious fascism ruling Iran has arrested, tortured, and executed thousands of female political prisoners in the past four decades, and in the past three months alone, during the uprising, it has killed at least 61 women and 70 children in the streets,” she said.

“It has threatened peace and tranquility in the region and the world and continuously violated international covenants, treaties, and laws. This illegitimate regime does not represent the people of Iran in any way and must be shunned by the international community and expelled from the United Nations and its various agencies, especially UNICEF,” Mrs. Rajavi added. “The case of human rights violations by this regime must be referred to the UN Security Council, and the regime’s leaders must be prosecuted for more than 40 years of crimes against humanity and genocide.”

December 14 marked the 90th day of anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstrations began following the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, in police custody. However, it immediately turned into a revolution against the entire theocratic regime.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the protests have extended to 282 cities. The regime has killed over 700 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained more than 30,000. The MEK has published the names of 580 killed protesters.

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Key Developments:

  • Over 200 members of the House of Commons and House of Lords call on the UK government to support the uprising and democratic change in Iran, blacklist the Revolutionary Guards and Intelligence Ministry, shut down the regime’s embassy in London, and expel the regime’s agents, diplomats, and spies from the UK.
  • “The UK government should take ‘robust and firm measures against the tyrants and oppressors of Iran,’” said Azadeh Zabeti, Co-President of the Committee of Anglo-Iranian Lawyers.
  • Protesters continued anti-regime activities in Firuzkuh, Ramsar, Torqabeh Shandiz, etc., attacking the IRGC Basij bases. College students in various cities continued anti-regime protests.
  • “Today’s vote to remove Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women is a victory for those protesting in Iran and all of those who stand with them,” saidS. Vice-President Kamala Harris. “The unmistakable message is this: the world is listening and taking action. The women and girls of Iran will be heard.”
  • “In a historic vote, the United Nations acted to remove Iran from the Commission on the Status of Women in response to the Iranian regime’s systemic repression of women and girls,” saidS. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.
  • “I welcome today’s vote to kick Iran [regime] off the UN Commission on the Status of Women. The regime should have never been in the body, to begin with, due to its horrific treatment of women and girls,” saidS. Sen. Jim Risch. “The U.S. continues to support the Iranian people in their aspirations for freedom.”
  • “What would a world without the Iranian regime look like?” asks MEP Hannah Neumann, calling to stop executions in Iran. “Just a little reminder of what this is all about in Iran…”
  • Italian foreign minister summons the new Iranian ambassador to condemn “in the strongest terms” the ongoing violation of fundamental rights and freedoms in Iran.
  • Local reports say that for hours, each U.S. dollar was traded for more than 390,000 rials in the unofficial foreign exchange market. “Since March 21, the country’s currency value has dropped by more than 40 percent against foreign currencies,” official statistic says.
  • The NCRI stated that at least 12 prisoners have been hanged on December 12, and 26 were executed in just eight days.

Tehran Province:

Protesters chant in Haft-Howz, Narmak:
Swearing the blood of Majid, Mohsen, and other comrades! Source
Khamenei is a murderer; his rule is illegitimate! Source
Death to Khamenei! Source
This is the last message; our goal is to overthrow the entire regime! Source
Poverty, corruption, high prices, we’re going to overthrow [the regime]! Source
This is the year of [Khamenei] overthrow! and Death to [Khamenei] for all these years of crime! Source

Protesters take to the streets in Jannatabad, chanting: We continue the protests every night! Source

Farhangian town residents chant:
Death to Khamenei; damn Khamenei! And Death to the dictator! Source
From Zahedan to Tehran, my life for Iran! Source

Zaferaniyeh residents chant: Death to the dictator! Source

Locals gathered to mark the seventh day of Mohsen Shekari’s execution by the mullahs’ regime and began chanting anti-regime slogans. Source
Security forces detained a woman attended the memorial ceremony. Source

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Sistan & Baluchestan Province:

Locals gathered at the grave of Khodanour Lajei, a local killed by the mullahs’ regime. Source

Razavi Khorasan Province:

Protesters attacked the local governor’s office in Torqabeh Shandiz using Molotov cocktails. Source

Mazandaran Province:

Protesters torched a pro-regime propaganda poster in Ramsar. Source

Fars Province:

Protesters set ablaze a base of the regime’s IRGC paramilitary Basij in Firuzkuh. Source

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