This was not just an enthusiastic speech to engage the Iranian dissidents in the crowd, but evidence of Bolton’s long-held belief that the Iranian Regime needs to be replaced by a democratic government.

Now it is clear that Bolton has no intention of hoping and praying that something happens; he is actively involved in the solution.

Bolton was recently named by Trump as the new National Security Adviser for the US, the latest high-level appointee who greatly opposes the Iranian Regime, and in this new position, Bolton is expected to encourage Trump to pull out of the nuclear deal and re-instate sanctions against Iran.

Bolton has long voiced his opposition to terrorist groups, particularly those that are sponsored or supported by the Iranian Regime, i.e. Hezbollah, ISIS, and al-Qaeda, and is expected to help the US cut off funding for these terrorist groups.

As such, his appointment has been welcomed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike across the Middle East and within the US.

So, now many are asking themselves, will Bolton’s promise come true? Will Iran be free by 2019?

The answer is yes, hopefully. Right now, we have the perfect storm of nationwide dissent among the Iranian people, strong real Iran experts with firm positions against the Iranian regime in the highest levels of the US government, and growing knowledge that the Iranian Regime will never reform. If we can capitalise on this, the Iranian people will be able to rise up and remove the mullahs from power.

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, the former general manager of Al-Arabiya television, wrote on Asharq Al-Awsat that we shouldn’t expect an all-out war against Iran by the US. Instead, we should expect the US to increase its pressure on the Iranian Regime through new and re-imposed sanctions, pressure on other Middle Eastern countries to oppose Iran, and efforts to Iranian infiltration from other nation states, i.e. Iraq

This is causing concern for the Regime, who has spoken out against Bolton’s appointment and is now realising that its insignificant concessions have not improved their standing.

Al-Rashed wrote: “For those of us in the Middle East, and despite chaos and destruction, toppling the Iranian regime in a well-ordered way is an ideal solution to end the era of chaos that was started by Khomeini in 1979. He, the extremist Islamic groups and other regional regimes collaborating with them led the region to a series of crises, wars and a state of terror that have lasted for 40 years and made the entire world live in fear.”