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Lordegan Situation Remains Tense

Protests began in Lordegan after it as discovered that health ministry workers had infected roughly 300 villagers in Chenar Mahmoudi with HIV

The mullahs’ forces, which include the terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), the Basij paramilitary and plainclothes agents, are raiding homes and arresting anyone they deem suspicious, establishing an environment of fear after arresting 150 to 200 people, transferring all of them to the province’s capital Shahrekord.

Protests began in Lordegan after it as discovered that health ministry workers had infected roughly 300 villagers in Chennai Mahmoudi with HIV by using contaminated needles for blood tests. The protests intensified after regime officials tried to blame residents for the outbreak, implying strongly that drug addicts and gay people were at fault.

Thus, the regime dispatched security forces to smother the protests, but after several clashes, the protests turned into anti-government demonstrations with citizens setting fire to government buildings, including the offices of the Friday Prayer Imam, the representative of the regime’s supreme leader. The security forces opened fire on the protesters, killing one and injuring several others.

A regime delegation visited the area on Sunday but was met by angry citizens who attacked them and broke the windows of their cars.

The Regime tried to say that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, Mujahedin-e Khalq or MEK) were inciting the protests, with Mohammad Ali Nekounam, the representative of the supreme leader in Charmahal and Bakhtiary province, saying the “enemy” is “taking advantage” of the situation to chant “anti-regime slogans” and destroy government property. Now, he is right in one regard, because the enemy of the Regime is the Iranian people who despise the mullahs, but they need no encouragement to do so.

In videos posted on social media, the angry Lordegan citizens can be seen protesting the regime’s incompetent and corrupt health system for not taking the necessary safety precautions to protect them. They chant anti-regime slogans, like “Death to [the] dictator” and “No to Gaza! No to Lebanon! My life for Iran!”, which is a reference to the regime’s costly interference in neighboring countries that has taken its toll on the Iranian economy and its citizens’ lives.

There is no sign that the regime is taking concrete action to address the needs of Lordegan residents, who now have to cope with being infected with the HIV virus.


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