In a series of tweets on Sunday, Rajavi condemned the shooting of Khorramshahr’s “defenceless residents” as a crime against humanity.

She wrote: “Shooting on defenceless residents of #Khorramshahr who were only demanding water is a crime against humanity. The International Community, particularly the UN and the Security Council, must take urgent action.”

According to Iran’s state-run media, several demonstrators in Khorramshahr were injured on Saturday, following clashes with police.

Around 500 people had gathered in the city’s main square to protest against pollution that is affecting the city’s drinking water network. This is a major problem in Iran, where drought is affecting about 95% of the country and water is often diverted to ethnically Persian provinces.

There were several protests against water pollution in Khorramshahr and the neighbouring city of Abadan in the three days leading up to this protest.

eputy governor of Khorramshahr Valiollah Hayati, denied reports that four protesters had been killed, but the Iranian Regime is well known for denying the murders of political opponents and prisoners.

Rajavi hailed the uprising in Khorramshahr as “heroic”, called on more people to join the protests, and urged the international community to take actions against the Iranian regime for their human rights abuses.

She wrote: “Hail to the people of #Khorramshahr and their heroic uprising. I call on the courageous youth of #Khuzestan to actively support them. I further urge the international community to take action against the clerical regime’s brutal crackdown.”

These protests began during the Free Iran Gathering in Paris, which is organised by the NCRI and featured Rajavi as its keynote speaker. The protests were welcomed at the conference, which was attended by over 100,000 activists, politicians, and members of the Iranian diaspora.

A failing economy

Iran is also facing great economic hardship, since the US withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal in May, and has announced the reintroduction of harsh Obama-era sanctions against the Regime. However, make no mistake, Iran’s economy was in dire straits before that due to decades of mismanagement and corruption by the Regime.

In the past six months alone, the rial has plunged almost 50% in value against the dollar and inflation has skyrocketed. This has led to many protests by Iranian shopkeepers, especially last week’s protests in the Bazaar.