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Several protests in Iran this weekend

The one thing all the protesters had in common was the belief that the Regime was responsible for all the problems in Iran and that only once the mullahs had fallen could these problems be resolved.

Let’s look at some of these protests.       

On Sunday, August 18, a group of defrauded creditors, who lost their savings to the Caspian Credit Institution, which is affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), gathered in front of the central bank in Tehran to demand the return of their plundered investment.

These types of protests began around three years ago in Iran, with the defrauded depositors of government-affiliated financial and credit institutions, taking part in demonstrations outside banks, credit institutions, and government buildings, with women taking a leading role in organising these protests. Despite this, neither the mullahs’ regime nor the Central Bank have responded to their rightful demands.

Also on Sunday, a group of animal rights advocates, including many women, gathered at the waste site in Kahrizak to protest the brutal murder of dogs by the municipal authorities. The local authorities had murdered dogs using acid, which was a cruel and disgusting thing to do.

While on Saturday, August 17, over 250 parents, whose daughters attended two girl’s elementary schools in Hamadan, took part in a protest outside the Hamadani Azad School building to express their anger at the lack of attention to their demands.

Also on Saturday, a group of students who were admitted to the 2018 notary examinations, held a demonstration outside the building of the Iranian Organization for Registration of Deeds and Estates to protest against the order to suspend the interview processes and recruiting of the admitted students.

According to the state-run ILNA News Agency, the protesters said that they had prepared for months to take the examinations and that their job prospects have been destroyed by this vote.

A group of people from Temeliyeh, Firuzabad District, gathered in front of the Division’s Office on Saturday to protest against the suspension of the watershed management operation.

According to the state-run IRNA News Agency, the Head of Firuzabad District said the estimated cost for the project for Temeliyeh was more than 2 billion riyals (approx. 600,000 USD), which has not been allocated.

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