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Six Protests in Iran on August 4

On Wednesday, August 4, the people of Iran held at least six rallies, protests, and strikes in various cities, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies.

On Wednesday, August 4, the people of Iran held at least six rallies, protests, and strikes in various cities, venting their anger over the government’s plundering and profiteering policies. While Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has selected Ebrahim Raisi as a sign of further repression and suffocation, the people continue their struggle for inherent rights.

Despite the atmosphere of fear, welder and assembly workers, Ahvazi citizens, livestock farmers, bakers, and truck drivers took to the streets protesting officials’ failure to keep their promises and resolve their dilemmas.

Welder and Assembly Workers’ Strike

Hormozgan province—welder and assembly workers, affiliated with the Qeshm petroleum reserving projects, stopped working and joined the national strike.

“We demand a 10-day vacation in a month to be with our family. We should directly sign our contracts with the oil company,” protesters said.

Citizens’ Rally in Protest of High Prices

Khuzestan province—a group of citizens in Ahvaz, staged a rally, protesting a sudden and significant increase in the price of fruits. The protesters emphasized that the brokerage is the main reason for fruit price hikes, and officials support brokers.

“Why do the court’s rulings not be implemented?” “Who is the brokers’ sponsor?” and “The main reason for increasing the fruit prices is officials’ support of brokers,” read the protesters’ banners.

Haft-Tappeh Workers’ Strike, Day–23

Khuzestan province—for the 23rd consecutive day, Haft-Tappeh Sugarcane workers continued their strike, protesting officials’ failure to address their demands.

They rallied in front of the local Governorate in Shush County, then marched onto the streets, chanting their demands. According to protesters, the officials refuse to pay their overdue salaries and insurance rights.

In yesterday’s slogans, the protesters addressed Provincial Governorate Qassem Soleimani Dashtaki, calling on him to resign. “Dashtaki, shame on you, let go of Khuzestan,” they chanted.

Livestock Farmers’ Rally

Khuzestan province—a group of livestock farmers from Notargi town, held a gathering in front of the local Governorate in Izeh county. They protested officials for failing to increase the price of raw milk in the county of Izeh.

“The chief of livestock and agricultural organizations tell us to increase the prices. But they avoid sending a letter to us. They do not think about us, and they only rub salt on our injuries. They are pushing us to send our dairy cattle and heifer calves to the slaughterhouse,” explained a farmer.

Bakers’ Rally

Kermanshah province—protesting the officials’ refusal to increase the break price, bakers from the whole of province gathered in front of the Provincial Governorate.

Officials’ mismanagement has brought 100-percent inflation to the people and pushed many people below the poverty line. “Governor, due to the 100-percent inflation, an increase in the bread price is the legal right of this tailor stratum,” the protesters had written on a banner.

Truck Drivers Block Transit Route

Hormozgan province—protesting the high price of oil, tires, and dire conditions of roads, truck drivers parked their vehicles at the Bandar Abbas – Sirjan transit route and blocked the access road between the provinces of Hormozgan and Kerman.

For three hours—3:00 to 6:00 pm—drivers blocked the transit route to show their disappointment over officials’ negligence about their dilemmas.

Calls for Protest to Raisi’s Presidency

On the other hand, on the eve of Ebrahim Raisi’s inauguration ceremony, residents of Tehran distributed and installed banners and placards, calling on other citizens to gather in front of the Parliament (Majlis) to protest the regime.

The people of Iran believe that the presidency of Raisi is equivalent to more suppression and human rights violations. In this context, the people intend to vent their anger over the entire ruling system.

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