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Tehran Despaired in Dealing With Expanding Protests

Teachers gathered to express their economic woes/demand fair/higher wages. They say the parliament deliberately botched a bill that was supposed to guarantee they would earn about 80% of the salaries of university faculty members.

Due to the maturity of the objective conditions in Iran’s society, we are witnessing every week new protests despite the regime’s repression. And the time between them is getting shorter. The different faults created in the society are moving very fast to the regime’s bases, each of them is dangerous enough to take down the regime. Kayhan daily the mouthpiece of the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei is admitting to this situation and wrote:

“It is no secret that teachers, retirees, workers, farmers, and similar social groups are struggling with economic problems. There is nothing wrong with that, but it is also right and based on the law to reach their concerns and problems to the authorities.” (Kayhan, December 15, 2021)

It is also admitting that the regime has become hopeless in confronting these protests and is advising the government and Khamenei to listen to the people’s requests and act ‘as far as possible.’

And in fear, it is also advising the protesters from the farmers to the teachers to take care about the ‘macro national interests.’

Which means not to attack the regime’s supreme leader as the pillar of the regime in their slogans. But the truth is that no government and even regime in Iran’s entire history was so betrayal to the country and its people as this regime. And the word ‘national’ is not in their lexicon at all.

But as the regime’s main mouthpiece it is threatening the protesting people that their demands will create ‘liquidity and new inflation, and its smoke will burn the eyes of everybody.’

But its main message to the people is to stop protesting and is warning them not to threaten the regime’s security.

“Is it the only way to raise demands and problems, baseless street gatherings where no one is responsible for their launching and the events of its context and its margins, or are there more civil, more useful, and less costly methods? Who is responsible for the diversion of these gatherings and the misuse of the enemies of the entire Iranian nation? Are the huge expenses of this misuse paid other than from the pockets of the Iranian nation?” (Kayhan, December 15, 2021)

This is where the regime is exposing its main fear. The fear that the people join and follow the actions and slogans of the Iranian Resistance and its Resistance Units who are encouraging the nation to overthrow the regime in a popular uprising. Therefore, the regime is trying everything to prevent a connection between them and the people.

But situation shows that for something like this it is too late, and the regime will witness more radicalized protests especially after the regime parliament decided to allocate more than $ 3.1 billion to its Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) which is an increase of 240% compared to last year. Something that will intensify the people’s starvation.

Therefore, ‘more civil and more useful and less costly methods’ as Kayhan said is just a worthless compliment to the people.

This regime cannot tolerate any gathering let alone protests, even with economic motives. As they are writing, using the streets will finally lead to Mojahedin’s (MEK/PMOI) methods and the entry of its Resistance Units, and the radicalization of the protests.

But this is something that the regime finally is forced to confront without any chance to escape.

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