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Tehran Protests Over Power Cuts

Widespread power outages in Tehran

Tehran residents came out in protest on Sunday over the continued power cut as a result of the government’s poor management and destructive policies. The rallies occurred across Tehran, including Tehran Pars and Baharestan, with the following chants being popular:

Protests also took place across other cities, including Gonbad Kavoos, Kazerun, Mamasani, and Kordkuy.

Maryam Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), hailed the protesters, saying that the “people can no longer put up with the power cutoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic”.

Officials from the regime’s electricity distribution company, Tavanir, warned that there are possibilities of blackouts over the next few weeks, with CEO Mohammad Hassan Motevalizadeh declaring “emergency conditions” for the next month.

These blackouts are happening at the same time that the parliament is trying to pursue a $500-million business opportunity about exporting electricity to neighboring countries.

The state-run Hamdeli newspaper discussed the power cuts and this deal in a recent article, where they noted that much of the capital saw power outages for many hours during one of the hottest days of summer with some of these being out of the declared schedule.

Hamdeli wrote: “What is more significant is the new $500 million cryptocurrency plan of the Majlis, which shows that we are just at the beginning of this path, and it won’t be surprised if this crisis continues in the future years.”

The parliamentary economic commission presented a plan titled “Support for cryptocurrency mining and organization of the national market”, just days ago,  but this has caused people to worry over the electricity crisis.

The plan said that the Industry, Mines, and Trade ministry will be issuing permits for cryptocurrency mining farms, with help from the ministries of economy, oil, energy, and communications, with the hope that “the cryptocurrency mining farms will provide $500 million in the gross domestic product by 2022”. However, the electricity company spokesperson already said that “due to the illegal mining of cryptocurrencies and its high-power usage, the electricity industry is under pressure”.

The amazing part of this story is the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani’s claims about the power outage as he said:

“Power outages are temporary and have a history, but what can be more annoying than blackouts is a sudden power outage. The problem becomes more bearable if the people receive the answer to their ambiguities with the explanation of the officials.

“In these few days, people were faced with power outages, and the power outage has caused a lot of suffering to the people. People have always water problems in summer and gas problems in winter.”

Then making nature and the people responsible and said: “The problem of this year is the drought, although people’s electricity consumption has also risen sharply. Our hydropower power plants are almost cut off because the dams have not enough water to be released for the turbines, only two power turbines are working and they will probably be cut off as well. Bushehr (nuclear) power plant also had a problem and went out of the circuit.” (Hassan Rouhani, July 6, 2021)

A spokesman for the Southwest Electricity Industry, referring to the daily blackouts in the cities of Khuzestan, said: “These conditions are due to compulsion and there is no other solution; Currently, the condition of hydropower plants has reached a point where they have lost 75% of their reserves.”

Azari Jahromi Minister of Communications in a tweet said: “The batteries of mobile towers can bear only 2 hours of outages; After full discharge, they need 8 hours of connection to the charger to fully charge. Unfortunately, in some areas, eight hours of uninterrupted city electricity is not available.” (MJ Azari Jahromi)

The truth is that the regime cannot solve this problem or any of the other problems faced by the Iranian problem, which is why the Iranian people have called for the overthrow of the regime and the ousting of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. So what is that other option? Well, it’s the Iranian Resistance, who have the widespread support of the Iranian people.

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