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The Battle for Freedom Is Fought on Iran’s Streets – Day 77 of Revolution

Despite the regime's propaganda and its lobbies' efforts to downplay the ongoing revolution, the people of Iran continue struggle for freedom.

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, people from different walks of life continued protests and strikes. College students, farmers, truckers, workers, and other strata joined the nationwide strike, crippling the regime’s fragile economy.

Furthermore, people throughout Iran call for a nationwide three-day campaign of escalated protests marking the country’s Students Day on December 7. The increase in anti-regime protests is scheduled to begin on December 5 and aims to deliver yet another blow to the entirety of the mullahs’ regime.

As the revolution in Iran goes on, international debates have been warm over the regime’s alternative. As one of their last efforts, appeasement advocates tried to distance themselves from the major Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

In this respect, an unknown spokesperson of the U.S. Department of State handed a Persian version statement regarding the organization, saying, we do not see them as a “viable” alternative! The unprecedented statement prompted Iranians’ fury inside the country and abroad. The statement proves our independence, the PMOI spokesperson stated at the time.

In addition to Iranians, 23 former U.S. senior officials condemned the State Department’s approach to the mullahs at the expense of the Iranian organized resistance. “What Mr. Malley needs to understand is that his action, taken while tens of thousands of Iranian women and men are fighting and dying for freedom from tyranny, is a flagrant betrayal of both the Iranian people and a foundational principle which our country has long honored,” the statement said.

“Spreading lies against the MEK, while they and fellow protestors are being brutally suppressed is outrageous,” the statement added. “The MEK and the NCRI do not need Mr. Malley’s endorsement to continue their heroic freedom struggle along with other Iranian dissidents.”

December 1 marked the 77th day of anti-regime protests in Iran. The demonstrations began following the heinous murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, in police custody. However, it immediately turned into a revolution against the entire theocratic regime.

According to the Iranian opposition Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI), the protests have extended to 277 cities. The regime has killed more than 680 citizens, injured tens of thousands, and detained over 30,000. The MEK has published the names of 555 killed protesters.

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Key Developments:

  • As the Iranian people raised their voices for the regime’s overthrow, Khamenei sends his top officials, including the IRGC chief and his mass murderer president to Sistan & Baluchestan and Kurdistan provinces, respectively, where conflicts significantly escalated. Following massacres in both regions, the regime desperately tries to ease citizens’ outrage.
  • Three Iranian teenagers are among 15 people who could face the death penalty over the killing of a pro-government paramilitary force member, the judiciary said
  • “The protesters’ main issue is not hijab,” Tasnim news agency cited one of the regime’s conspiracy theorists and ideologues Hassan Rahimpour-Azghadi in his remarks in Mashhad. “Distrust is created when [people] hear lies and witness betrayals multiple times.
  • Kurdish rights activists reported the security forces have kidnapped at least four minors in Dehgolan, Kurdistan province, within the past three weeks.
  • “Let’s be loud and clear: Canada condemns the human rights violations in Iran. We stand with the students, women, girls, and all Iranians who are fighting against the regime for their basic freedoms,” said the Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “Let’s continue to speak out and stand with the people of Iran.”
  • “Our focus every day and the world’s focus is what’s happening in the streets of Iran – the extraordinary courage of women in particular who have been standing up, speaking up, speaking out for their basic rights,” stated the U.S. Secretary of State.
  • The Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Finland welcomed the UN Human Rights Council resolution on 24 November that established a fact-finding mission to Iran to thoroughly and independently investigate the alleged human rights violations there, including those of women and girls.
  • Freedom-loving Iranians and MEK supporters held a photo exhibition in Bern, Switzerland, supporting the ongoing revolution in Iran and paying homage to more than 680 martyrs.

Tehran Province:

Judiciary sentenced Mrs. Fahimeh Karimi to death for allegedly leading protests in Pakdasht. Authorities claim that she had beaten an IRGC Basij agent. She is a volleyball coach. Source

Authorities reportedly threatened political prisoner Dr. Nasser Fahimi with death if he whistleblowing about what happened in prison. Dr. Fahimi is held in the Greater Tehran Penitentiary. Source

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Isfahan Province:

Local reports there are no trucks on Azadegan road as drivers are continuing the nationwide strike. Source

Reports indicate truck drivers at the local refinery are on strike, in line with the nationwide movement of drivers halting their trucks throughout the country. Source

Khuzestan Province:

Dezful citizens attend the memorial of the late Mohammad Khajavi, killed by security forces on October 22. “My brother devoted his life to the oppressed people of Iran,” his brother said. Source

Sistan & Baluchestan Province:

Locals in Zahedan held a protest rally in the city’s Kowthar Square. Source

Gilan Province:

Locals in Anzali set ablaze a building used by the regime to promote the mullahs’ ideology of hatred, misogyny, and fundamentalism. Source

South Khorasan Province:

Authorities dispatch security forces from Birjand to Zahedan with deep concerns over protests by the Baluchi community in Sistan & Baluchestan Province on Friday. Source

Kurdistan Province:

Citizens attend the memorial of the late Ramin Fathi, reportedly killed by authorities under torture on October 22, in Sanandaj’s Behesht Mohammadi cemetery. Source

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