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The Iranian Regime’s Twisted Version of the Truth Behind the November Protests

News about this subject are: 

In the afternoon of 11 December, Mahmoud Vaezi, Chief of Staff of Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting responded to a question from reporters: “Based on images of these events, some armed men were shooting at the police and the people, which is a very strange thing.” 

In Mahshahr and Assaluyeh, we saw that they made barriers and had weapons, which was a strange thing; some of them were killed by themselves.” (Reported on the Khabar Online website) 

The next day, Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi, former Iranian parliament member, said during a student day ceremony at the University of Tehran:  

“There was a protest, but several acts were carried out by anti-security actions. Around Karaj some attacked the fuel depots, when a petrol depot was attacked, everyone knew that around 10,000 15,000 people would be killed in the event of a fire. 

He added: “Many people were killed in Mahshahr, we know exactly who they were, where the weapons went, they wanted to damage the country’s main oil transmission lines, then what should the security officer in charge of the lines do?” (Reported by the state-run newspaper Iran) 

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of the regime and Khamenei’s representative, visited some of the families of a number of the killed protesters in west Tehran and said: “More than 85 percent of the victims of the recent events in the counties of Tehran [province] were not present in any of the protest rallies and were suspiciously killed with non-governmental cold weapons and firearms. We are confident that the opponents [of the state] are carrying out a project of fabricating victims.” (IRNA, 12 December 2019) 

IRNA then asks, “Why are the official statistics of those killed in recent events not announced? Previously informed sources have responded to the central and important question of why the public has so far been unanswered, which has led to stronger rumors: Exact statistics are available, but because they require a detailed analysis of why and how people died, the announcement has been delayed so as not to deprive anyone of their rights. 

This news agency continued: “It is obvious that there must be a strict distinction between those who should be recognized as “Martyr” and those who have been killed because of armed action against the public security and order.”  

Now see how the Iranian government is lying about the cause of all these events, which show that this regime accepts no responsibility: 

Disclosure of Lies Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani by State-run Newspaper Vatan Emrouz 

The state-run media Vatan Emrouz mocked the lies of Hassan Rouhani about the gasoline price hike, quoted and answered Rouhani’s latest remark, that nothing should be kept secret from people and that we should not lie: “Rouhani, while emphasizing the ‘confidentiality’ of the people, especially on the issue of sanctions, while the self instructed the interior minister during the expensive gasoline affair to not tell anyone when and how to execute the gasoline quota. 

This ignorance of others was carried out to the highest degree of security, so that, according to himself, ‘On Friday’ he was informed about the gasoline price hike. 

This state-run newspaper, counting the contradictory statements from Rouhani’s in his recent speeches, and describing his government said: A government whose president had been informed of the plan of gasoline price hike in the morning of the performance, but his minister in another parallel world reported that tens of thousands of workers were informed, his chief of staff accepts responsibility for government decisions but a government accountable official in the parallel world, attributes the responsibilities to IRIB while admitting that the government’s decision was not to inform about the plan. 

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