According to video and pictures released on social media by Iranian Resistance activists, the Iranian Regime blocked the roads leading to Pasargad in Fars province with concrete barriers and security checkpoints that turned back anyone with license plates from different provinces, forcing many to seek out alternate routes on foot across the mountains. Local residents were even given car passes and told that they would be prevented from travelling in the area without their pass.

Iranian Resistance group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), reported: “The Revolutionary Guards and Intelligence Ministry, along with repressive state security units, have launched numerous checkpoints on all paths leading to Pasargad. The entire security apparatus is currently on high alert and installing cameras to control the roads and prevent Iranians from rallying at the Cyrus the Great tomb site.”

The Regime also dispatched security units, including the Revolutionary Guards Corps, to the city and nearby areas to monitor, intimidate, and attack people trying to reach the site. Some people were even arrested, as was threatened in advance via anonymous text messages, likely sent by the Iranian Regime, and had their vehicles impounded.

The MEK reported: “Despite these measures, people are seen rushing to Pasargad in large groups, resulting in heavy traffic in exit routes out of Shiraz.”
This was a similar response to last year, as the Regime fears that the gathering could turn into an anti-regime protest.

In the weeks leading up to the gathering the Revolutionary Guards announced that they would be conducting drills in the area and warned local hospitals to expect increased admissions, in order to prevent people from attending the gathering, according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

The Regime even resorted to closing other historic sites, like the Takht-e Jamsheed and the Persepolis historical site, in order to prevent protests from beginning there.
In Tehran, those who could not get to the tomb held protest gatherings in Valiasr Square, where they chanted against the Iranian Regime’s funding of foreign wars and terrorist militias.

Iranians gather every year at Cyrus the Great’s tomb on October 29 – believed to be the day he conquered Babylon – to celebrate Cyrus Day.