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Three Women Killed by Security Forces in Iran Protests

Three Women Killed by Security Forces in Iran Protests

This brings the total number of women killed by regime agents during the ongoing protests to at least six.

There were at least 16 people killed, 150 arrested, and a large number wounded in Mahshahr on Monday, as anti-riot forces using heavy machineguns fired live ammunition at people heading to the city. Two nearby towns, Kureh and Jarrahi, where the people were heading from, are now surrounded by heavily armed forces.

So far, the total number of protesters murdered by the regime during the protests has reached over 200 and more than 3,000 have been injured. The regime’s State Security Force, Intelligence Ministry, Revolutionary Guards, and plainclothes agents are killing people indiscriminately, firing on any group of eight or more people.

Security forces even attacked hospitals in Kermanshah and Shiraz on Monday night and stole bodies of those killed. Kermanshah authorities are demanding 500 million tomans ($38,000) to hand over the bodies.

Meanwhile, 300 Kurdish citizens were arrested by security forces, including Paris Seifi, who was arrested in Sanandaj where she lives.

Brian Hook, the US Special Representative for Iran and Senior Policy Advisor to the US Secretary of State, criticized the regime for suppressing its people.

He said: “This regime is murdering protesters, they are oppressing them, and they are resisting their demands for a better way of life. Iranian people know that it is a deeply hypocritical regime, it is a corrupt religious Mafia that has been stealing the wealth of the Iranian people for decades and spending it in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestinian territories, bombing in Argentina, assassinations in Europe.”

Despite the violence and suppression, as well as the increased presence of the regime’s agents, the protests continued for the fifth day on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Iranian Resistance leader Maryam Rajavi called on the UN Security Council to condemn and punish the clerical regime for these murders and advocated the formation of an international mission to investigate the deaths, injury, and arrests of protesters. She tweeted: “In light of the growing numbers of people killed and wounded across Iran, I urge the UN Secretary-General to call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to brief them about the crimes of Khamenei and his Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) in Tehran.”

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