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Truck drivers strike in Iran continues despite Regime threats

Mohammad Reza Edalatkhah, head of the judiciary in Kermanshah Province, said that “severe measures” will be taken if the protests continue.
The drivers are demanding more pay, better working conditions, and the release of their imprisoned colleagues.

Iranian Resistance President Maryam Rajavi hailed the truck drivers’ strike in a tweet and encouraged others to support the drivers, including young people, international human rights organizations and drivers/workers unions. In response, a Danish drivers’ syndicate expressed their solidarity with the Iranian trucker drivers’ strike.

The reports out of Iran show that people from all walks of life are taking part in anti-regime protest rallies on Friday and earlier last week.

• Medical sciences students at Tehran’s Open University held a rally outside of their school’s main building and outside the regime’s Parliament building to express their outrage at current conditions.
• Young people in Behbahan held a rally at the city’s prayer sermon to protest not being hired at the local refinery, with jobs going to non-locals who would work for less.

Farmers in Varzaneh, Shatur, and Ziar, gathered to protest the lack of access to water resources due to the failure of the Regime to manage water resources.
One of the reasons is that the Revolutionary Guards uses Iran’s water resources to benefit themselves and cater to their own companies through the building of dams.

This epic mismanagement is not only damaging the farmers’ livelihood, but also causing great environmental crises in different parts of Iran, with dried up lakes and dust storms.
This isn’t the first time that farmers have come together to protest the Regime.

They staged similar protests at the beginning of the year that lasted for more than two months. While they began over economic woes, these protests, like many this year, quickly became about the problems with the regime as a whole and called for regime change.

The Iranian opposition wrote: “The Iranian regime tries to lay the blame on foreign countries, but for the farmers of Isfahan, who have been living under the tyranny of the mullahs for the past four decades, there’s no question as to who is to blame for their daily miseries.”

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