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Iran Regime Will Fall Soon

Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei voicing grave concerns over what the future holds for the Iranian regime, and said even if you don't like for Iran you must participate in the election.

Don’t be fooled by pro-regime rallies and speeches by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei over the coming month. Despite all pomp and ceremony, the Iranian regime is on the brink of collapse and will soon be exposed as the unpopular, illegitimate, and evil regime that it is.

Maryam Rajavi on the Iran Uprising

Maryam Rajavi: "In our view, the ballot box is the only criterion for legitimacy. Accordingly, we seek a republic based on universal suffrage."

Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the Iranian opposition and the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), has defiantly said that the Iranian uprising against the corrupt mullahs cannot be stopped and that the Iranian people,

International Protests by MEK Supporters

Iranian people outside Iran protest in solidarity with the uprisings of the Iranian people

Supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have gathered in several cities across Europe and the United States of America to show solidarity with the recent Iran protests and celebrate the anniversary of MEK leader Massoud Rajavi’s release from prison.

Albanian Leaders in Support of MEK/PMOI

Since the safe relocation of the MEK members to Albania, the Iranian regime increased its activities against the MEK in Albania

Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), was visited at Ashraf-3 by a delegation from Albania’s Socialist Movement for Integration Party, headed by Chairwoman Monika Kryemadhi, on Wednesday.

Maryam Rajavi Message to Iran Freedom Convention: Part 3

Maryam Rajavi a woman who fights, endeavors, struggles and has made an all-out resistance against oppression and the fascist Iranian regime.

Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian opposition and the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), sent a message to the “Iranian people’s uprising for freedom” convention in California on January 11 where she noted that the uprising in Iran is bringing hope for a free and democratic Iran. Here, we will look at the speech in more detail.

MEK Breathes New Life Into Resistance

Resistance units members and MEK supporters have for over a week been targeting images of Qassem Soleimani to prove once again that the Iranian people loathe this mass murderer.

New life was breathed into the Iranian Resistance Movement during the 2017/2018 Uprising and the Resistance Units of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have seized on their momentum and used 2018 to start playing a leading role during the Iranian people’s anti-regime protests and strikes.

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